New and Noteworthy in NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 9


Stabilization starts Apr 19th, ends on May 2nd, release May 4th. This milestone is also marked and known as Preview

GUI Builder

  • in trunk
  • Easy visual Java Desktop application development using Swing App. Framework and Beans Binding
  • Easy data-aware Swing apps with Beans Binding and JPA
  • Visual Menu Designer
  • Matisse Layout improvements, based on the users' most wanted

JavaScript Editor Support

Syntax (Semantic) Coloring

JavaScript editor highlights all kinds of keywords: identifiers, keywords, strings, numbers, regular expressions, comments and operators. Lexical and syntax errors are highlighted in editor, error stripe and gutter too. Different color is used for local variables and parameters.

Navigation display

The navigator displays the structure of the file, functions, local and global variables, parameters. Double clicking on an element in the navigator window warps to its source in the editor.

Code Folding

All functions and comments are foldable.

Go To Declaration

Right click on an element and choose Go To > Declaration, and it will warp to the declaration for the element, if possible.

This feature is also available via editor hyperlinks - hold the Control key (or the Command key on the mac) and as you drag the mouse over the source, identifiers are highlighted as hyperlinks. Clicking on a hyperlink will warp to its source if possible.

Code Completion

Some basic code completion is provided. When you hit Ctrl-Space, completion is provided for local and global variables, as well as method names, class names and constants in the same file.

In addition, various JavaScript and DOM builtins such as keywords and predefined constants, functions and interfaces are provided.

Smart Indent

Pressing Return to create a new line causes the new line to be indented appropriately, e.g. same line as the previous line, or further indented when a new block is established, e.g. in an if statement, while statement, etc.

Pair Matching

The editor automatically highlights matching parentheses, braces, brackets, string delimiters, etc. In addition, as you're editing, the editor tries to automatically insert (and remove) matching delimiters automatically without getting in the way. The important part here is that while you're editing, the file stays valid such that code completion will work etc.

Find Usages

Find usages lists declaration and all usages of any local variable, global variable, parameter or function.

Rename Refactoring

Rename refactoring allows you you to quickly rename declaration and all usages of any local variable, global variable, parameter or function.

Run JavaScript

JDK 1.6 contains JavaScript engine (called Rhino). So, you are able to to run you script directly from NetBeans IDE on this platform. Right click on an editor and choose Run, and your script is executed, and output and errors redirected to output window.


JavaScript code can be embedded in HTML, JSP and RHTML.

HTML and JSP editor improvements

Code navigator

Code navigator showing html document content structure including embedded languages nodes (JavaScript and CSS) is available for HTML and JSP documents now.

Error Checking

HTML code is now checked for erroneous constructs (unmatched tags, deprecated elements), error or warning annotations are shown in the editor window.

Embedding of JavaScript and CSS

Following features are available for embedded JavaScript and CSS inside JSP/HTML

  • coloring
  • code completion
  • navigator
  • error checks

CSS editor improvements

  • code completion
  • folding
  • navigator
  • visual CSS rules editor

The visual CSS editor provides an UI for creating and modification of CSS various rules.

Debugger usability improvements

  • Debugger sources in Reusable Tab, history / navigation


  • Parameter names for methods from libraries
  • Options for semantic coloring
  • Options for hints
  • Options for mark occurences
  • Some more reafctorings
  • Fist implementation of task list.
  • Camel Case movements in the Java Sources
  • Inspect Members Window
  • Show annotations in Javadoc panel when available
  • Show deaullt values of annotation methods in signature text field
  • Show value of primitive and String type static final fields in signature text field
  • Inspect Hierarchy Window
  • Show annotations in Javadoc panel when available

Visual Web

  • Completion of web project unification work.
  • Services Tab: D & D consumption of web services in visual web apps
  • Table component design time enhancements for generic type properties (including JPA classes)
  • Ability to add help sets, create i18n-ed palette categories to component libraries for Visual Web.
  • Visual query editor migrated to the new graph library
  • Visual Web Refactoring Support (except full package rename)
  • Integation of Woodstock 4.1 Build 3 which inclues the following Client Side Renderers. Image, StaticText, Label, Button, Hyperlink, TextField, Alert, HiddenField, TextArea, Listbox, Dropdown, Radiobutton, Checkbox. All the input components are also Ajax enabled.
  • Input components from woodstock library are no longer resizable during design time using resize handles. Resizing should be done via attributes on the components.
  • Bundled JSF binaries migrated to JSF 1.2_04 P01
  • Table component design time enhancements for generic type properties (including JPA classes)
  • Ability to add help sets, create i18n-ed palette categories to component libraries for Visual Web.
  • Visual query editor migrated to use new graph library.
  • Refactor visualweb getConnection to use NetBeans connections
  • Seamless migration of Creator 2 and 5.5 projects that contain data sources
  • Datasources can be resolved per project which permits multi-user project development

Carried over from M8:

  • Visual Web capability integrated with the standard NetBeans web project type as a web project Framework.
  • VWP application outline moved to Navigator.
  • Add a visual page to a "non-visual" project simply by selecting JSF Visual pages from the file templates dialog. See project spec for details
  • Component Data Binding for databases via D&D from Runtime Tab including VIEWS.
  • Data source node in Application Outline
  • SQL Query editor - full functionality
  • DataSource Alignment - includes removing context.xml from userdir in favor of storing DS references in project
  • Common Page Flow Editor for NetBeans - Ability to link pages, expand page and link via buttons
  • JDBC resource configuration during deployment - includes automatic configuration of web.xml and sun-web.xml deployment descriptors
  • Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche Phase II - except specific support for Nav editor

The following visual web features will NOT make it into M9:

  • Visual Portlet Builder
  • Visual Data Binding for EJBs

Web Services

Web Services Designer

Feature that enables to see web services in graphical view, together with new additional functionality :

  • synchronization with web service java source file
  • ability to switch from (java) source view to design view, and back
  • ability to see the WS parameters, return types and Javadoc in a smart graphical view
  • ability to see sample SOAP Request and sample SOAP Response

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/design view NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.jpg

New Add WS Operation Dialog (WSDL based)

For web service generated from wsdl file user can create new operation from schema types:

  • ability to specify WS Operation arguments, return values and faults from schema types and schema elements referenced in WSDL file
  • ability to import new XML Schema file

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/add ws operation NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.jpg


  • REST Web Services support: available in Web Application project targeting JavaEE5 platform with SWDP installed.
  • REST code generation wizard: 'New REST Web Services from Entity Classes'

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/NewRESTWebServicesFromEntities NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.png

  • Web project context command 'Test REST Services' will build, deploy and bring up the REST service test client in a browser

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/AddGoogleMap2 NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.png

  • Java source editor context menu command 'REST Web Services'/'Add Google Map' on any resource class will add Google Map resource component as REST sub-resource

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/TestRESTServices2 NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.png


  • WSIT modules for Microsoft WCF interoperability are part of enterprise cluster as of M9. They provide easy access to advanced enterprise level web service features, like Reliable Messaging, Message Level Security, performance optimizations like MTOM, Fast Infoset and TCP/IP transport. More information about WSIT (Web Services Interoperability Technology) at
  • Whole functionality can be invoked from Web Service or client context menu item: Edit WS Attributes:

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/WSIT-Dialog NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.png

  • Simplified configuration for MTOM, Reliable Messaging and Security can be done as part of new Web Service Designer:

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/WSIT-Design-Security NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.png

BEA WebLogic Server 10

Support for deploying, running and debugging applications on BEA WebLogic Server 10 was added.

Plugin Manager

  • Replacement of Update Center Wizard and Module Manager
  • This manager offers installing new plugins from Update Center, updating of installed plugins or managing NetBeans IDE installation
  • Easy searching plugins on Update Center or in NetBeans IDE installation
  • Easy adding new Update Center

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/plugin-manager NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.png

Improved Use Database action

  • Reference name in addition to a data source itself
  • Using reference name in the source code and in standard deployment descriptor (DD)
  • Choose Database dialog

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/chooseDatabase NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.png

  • Add Data Source Reference dialog

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/addDataSourceReference NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.png

New small API additions

  • Save As available in File menu
  • new Task List window showing ToDos and Java errors
  • Several top level menus like Tools and Windows reorganized

Improved web project wizards

  • It is possible to specify the location of WEB-INF folder in Web Application with Existing Sources and Web Application with Existing Ant Script wizards
  • This enhancement allows to import projects with more source structures. The wizards try to guess the WEB-INF folder location.
  • Web Application with Existing Sources wizard

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/import webinf NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.jpg

  • Web Application with Existing Ant Script wizard

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9/freeform webinf NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone9.jpg


  • Code can now be generated from a UML model.
  • Better collection support.


  • Advanced code editing: Code completion, Documentation Popup, Semantic highlighting (such as unused local variable coloring), Parameter Hints, Instant Rename, Goto Declaration, Live Code Templates, Mark Occurrences, Reformatting, Pair Matching, Smart Selection, Surround With
  • Project support: Create and run files, run unit tests, run RSpec specifications, jump between files and their testcases, Ruby Gems support, ability to use any version of either JRuby or native Ruby
  • Ruby Debugger, including Rails debugging - run/step, breakpoints, local variables, call stack, thread switching, balloon evaluation, etc. Support for native fast debugging.
  • Ruby On Rails support: Code Generator wizard, Database Migrations, Rake Targets, Support for generator plugins, Jump between Action and View, RHTML highlighting
  • More Information

Scripting Languages Support

  • Schliemann module in trunk:
  • Generic framework for integration of a programming language into NetBeans IDE
  • Suports an easy implementation of editing and visualization features, based on lexical and syntactic language definition
  • Languages embedding
  • Modules for JavaScript, HTML and CSS implemented using the Schliemann engine
  • Rich set of features especially for JavaScript, includes syntax and semantic coloring, code completion, navigation, hyperlinks, find usages, rename refactoring


MobilityNewAndNoteworthyM9 section=2


  • New format of mapping file has been implemented in XSLT editor
  • Improved BPEL debugger
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