New and Noteworthy in NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 8


Stabilization starts March 19th. See also: MilestoneDownloads, Milestone8Report, NB6Milestones.


  • NetBeans Profiler has been added to NetBeans IDE 6.0 M8. There is no need to download and run separate NetBeans Profiler installer.
  • Select Profiling Task dialog has been redesigned

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone8/profiler-newSPT NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone8.png

  • Profiling points were reimplemented: stability and usability has been improved

File:NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone8/profiler-newPP NewAndNoteWorthyMilestone8.png

New, editable Diff

Diff panes across NetBeans IDE (in CVS, Subversion, Local History) have a brand new look and feel. Tu summarize new features:

  • right Diff pane is a fully functional editor with semantic coloring and code completion (if the right pane displays a local file)
  • one-click merging of differences from left to right, there is Actions sidebar in the center
  • no more empty lines, both right and left panes are compact
  • word-diff is executed whenever possible to only highlight concrete words that have changed on a line



  • CVS module has now some Options in Tools/Options, for example you can customize the format of CVS Status Labels
  • There is a new menu action CVS/View Revision... that lets you quickly open a file in a specific revision, tag or branch
  • There is a new menu action CVS/Change CVS Root... that rewrites CVS/Root files recursively in the given context with whatever new CVS Root you enter
  • Merge dialog is improved to provide more posibilities to specify starting and ending points of the merge
  • You can now Export Diff Patch from within Search History views by selecting commits to be included in the patch
  • Diff View of Search History now contains a new Location column to let you quicky distinguish files with same names
  • CVS Update action now shows list of files that have been updated (or removed) by the command in a sortable table similar to CVS Versioning View



  • Subversion module has a new menu action Subversion/Relocate that rewrites working copy URL metadata in the given context.


Debugger usability improvements

  • Debugger sources in Reusable Tab - editor panes are reused, when opening files from debugger.
  • Invalid breakpoint handling
  • Broken icon in editor and Breakpoints view represents invalid breakpoint
  • Explanation messages are written to the debugger console
  • Better support for multithreaded debugging
  • When "Debug Current Thread" option is selected on a debugger session in Session view, stepping is performed just in the current thread, no other threads are resumed.
  • When a step is interrupted by a breakpoint, a dialog is opened, suggesting either to continue with the step, or stop on the breakpoint.


  • Improved progress bar granularity (per test method)
  • Added support for JUnit 4 tests - generating of test skeletons, execution


Visual Web

Theme for this milestone (As yet uncommitted) Transition to single project type (web application) with Visual JSF Framework.

The following features are in M8:

  • Visual Web capability integrated with the standard NetBeans web project type as a web project Framework.
  • Add a visual page to a "non-visual" project simply by selecting JSF Visual pages from the file templates dialog. See project spec for details
  • Visual Web Application project no longer listed in the Create Project Wizard.
  • Component Data Binding for databases via D&D from Runtime Tab with the exception of VIEWS. Data source node in Application Outline
  • SQL Query editor - full functionality
  • DataSource Alignment - includes removing context.xml from userdir in favor of storing DS references in project
  • Common Page Flow Editor for NetBeans - Ability to link pages, but not via buttons. Button linking in M9
  • JDBC resource configuration during deployment - includes automatic configuration of web.xml and sun-web.xml deployment descriptors
  • Migrate Visual Web Java modeler to Retouche Phase II - except specific support for Nav editor

The following features will NOT make it into M8:

  • Services palette
  • Visual Portlet Builder
  • Visual Data Binding for web services
  • Visual Data Binding for EJBs
  • Visual CSS editor
  • Visual Web Refactoring Support
  • D&D databinding from VIEWS node in Runtime Tab


  • Merge of "normal" and smart codecompletion to one shorcut
  • Faster Go To Type
  • Generate code dialog
  • Navigational outlines (Phase 1)
  • Inspect Members and Inspect Hierarchy Actions - show the members and hierarchy pop up windows for selected Java file or Java editor.
   Inspect Members and Inspect Hierarchy Actions
  • Members window - shows the members and Javadoc of the selected Java type.
    Members Window
  • Hierarchy Window - shows the hierarchy and Javadoc of selected Java type.
   Hierarchy Window
  • Inspect Members and Inspect Hierarchy Actions for type under the caret - show the members and hierarchy pop up windows for Java type at the caret in Java Editor.
   Inspect Members and Inspect Hierarchy Actions for type under the caret
  • Declaration and Javadoc views - these views show the declaration and javadoc of the Java type under the caret in Java editor. To show these views use Window:Declaration View and Window:Javadoc View menu items.

Javadoc and Declaration windows


  • Support for reusable editor tabs (API to be used e.g. by debugger) See #94607

Project system

Includes & excludes

You can now specify packages or single classes to exclude from your source tree. Details


Project Extensibility

From your module code you can now extend the Netbeans Modules project type (#95366) and the ant freeform project type (#90562) UI.

API Enhancements

Window System

Support for SDI mode (Single Document Interface - individual separated frames mode) was removed and was replaced by support of undockable/floating windows using Drag and Drop, which already worked from Milestone 2 builds. Details in #81330


The UML Modeling module has been added to NetBeans 6. The UML functionalities available are equivalent to those delivered in the NetBeans 5.5 release, with the exception of the code generation feature. The code generation functionality will start to appear in later milestones.


What's New

  • The Diagram Editor now has alignment tools available (78195).


  • The Diagram Editor now has distribute tools available (78195).


  • New Window Layout.
    1. Documentation window is by default docked to properties window area.
    2. Design center window is now by default docked to explorer area.
  • Added a save as action to diagram nodes. The save as action allows a diagram to be duplicated. (83788, 79771, 75894)
  • 27 issues fixed.



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