New and Noteworthy in NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 6


Stabilization starts Jan 8th.

Most Java EE features re-added to the build

After the Java EE development features were disabled in Milestone 5 following the Java editing infrastructure merge, most of them are now back in the build and enabled again. The following Java EE development features are expected to work:

  • Enterprise development project types (Web, EJB, Application Client, Enterprise Application)
  • Server plugins for Sun Application Server, Tomcat, JBoss and WebLogic
  • Most web development features including JSF and Struts support (excluding some features in the Java editor area)
  • Most of Java Persistence development
  • Most of EJB development
  • Most of JAX-WS Web Services (JAX-RPC is not enabled yet)
  • Java BluePrints Solution Catalog

The following features were not re-added to the build yet:

  • Deployment descriptor editors for web.xml and ejb-jar.xml
  • Refactoring for Java EE
  • Inline verification for Java EE technologies
  • Many small features in the areas of EJB, Java Persistence and Web Services
  • Some features in the XML development area

UI Gestures Collector

The UI Gestures Collector (a.k.a. Activity Logger) was added to the build. It logs most actions (such as menu items), some other user activities such as opening or creating projects, and also exceptions. It then asks the user to send the logged information to the server at certain moments. The purpose of having this logging in the build by default for all users, not on the Update Center, is to be able to gather as much information as possible with less sampling bias.

See issue #89630 and the UI Spec for more information. The UI will be improved in upcoming weeks. Any feedback is welcome.

Ant 1.7.0

The IDE now bundles the Apache Ant 1.7.0 release. #91142 1.7.0 Release Notes

Tomcat 6.0.x

Support for Apache Tomcat 6.0.x was added.

Profiler: Memory Profiling Improvements

  • Heap Dump is automatically taken and opened in HeapWalker on OutOfMemoryError
  • Take Heap Dump action is now available as an alternative to Take Snapshot action
  • Memory snapshots can now be compared
  • Maximum available heap (-Xmx value) is displayed in VM Telemetry - Memory (Heap)


Profiler: 1.4.2 Profiling Support Removed

Support for profiling 1.4.2-based applications using the modified JFluid VM has been dropped and will not be available as of Milestone 6. With dynamic attach for JDK 6 introduced in Milestone 4, there is virtually no advantage in the JFluid VM over the standard JDK.

New Network Proxy Settings UI what can be shared all over IDE

  • Improved General page of the Options Dialog now contains advanced network proxy customizer. That can be as a service for all parts of IDE which needs to customize settings of network proxy.
  • UI spec. of this customizer at
  • See IZ 75856 - Proxy Settings UI should be shared all over IDE

Unit Test Libraries Node

GUI support was added for editing the classpaths of unit tests. Manual editing of the project.xml file is no longer required. See the UI spec of apisupport for 6.0 for details.

Maven project support

Allows to open any project based on Apache Maven in the IDE. Adds code completion for Maven project files, runs Maven builds within the IDE. Available on Dev Auto Update Center.

Code templates now expanded with Tab

The default key for expanding code templates (abbreviations) was switched to Tab (from Space)

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