New and Noteworthy in NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 5


Stabilization starts Nov 20th.

Java editor improvements

We've put in initial version of the improved Java editor. You can enjoy better code completion, syntactic and semantic coloring, instant rename, and much more. See the User's guide for more information.

New Java language infrastructure

There is new infrastructure for the Java language based on the Javac. The APIs will give you full access to the Javac APIs for given source. You can get more info about these APIs by looking at the Developer's guide. There were also significant changes in some of the Editor APIs and JavaDataLoader. With all these changes modules, which are not rewritten to the new APIs, had to be removed from the standard build. This means that this milestone does not contain Web/JavaEE modules and most of the refactorings are missing.

NOTE: Most Java EE features are disabled

Due to the integration of the new Java language infrastructure, most Java EE development features are disable in Milestone 5. The features that do work include most web development support, including web project, JSP/HTML editor, deployment, web tier debugging, HTTP monitor etc. Other Java EE features, including EJBs, Java Persistence and Web Services, are disabled, as these were not yet migrated to the new Java language infrastructure. We plan to gradually re-add these features in the following milestones as they are migrated to the NetBeans 6.0 codebase.

Ant Process Indicator

Ant processes now have a progress indicator in the status line #87801. The old Processes node was removed from the Runtime tab. #83313


Project Groups

A new "project group" feature has been added. ProjectGroups50683 Feedback using the UI Gesture Collector module is wanted.


Maximized Mode Enhancements

Now it is possible to maximize the editor window and have e.g. Palette window visible at the same time. Slided-in windows can also be maximized. See full details and use cases here.

New Proxy Handling API and infrastructure

The platform registers own implementation of and it is served to rest of IDE as the shared place for Proxy handling, tracked as #85270.

The platform's ProxySelector can read the Proxy Settings from IDE Preferences, take detected proxies from IDE launcher or delegate to the default JDK's ProxySelector. IDE should provide a GUI to customize Proxy Settings which should be shared over IDE, this GUI is coming to next milestone.

CVS History Panels Show Tags and Branches

CVS Search History panels now show symbolic names (tags and branches) attached to a given revision.

  • Summary view shows the most recent tag/branch name in gray color below the commit message and an ellipis hyperlink next to it that opens a popup window with all tags and branches (unmodified branches are in gray, modified branches are in black). If the revision is on a branch, the Summary view also displays the name of the branch next to the commit author.
  • Diff view shows the most recent tag/brach name in the Tags column in the Diff table. Clicking on the column also pops up a window with all tags and branches.

Summary View:


Diff View:


New SVN Options Dialog

There is a new SVN Options Dialog under Tools/Options/Miscellaneous

Now is it possible to:

  • setup a path to a svn executable
  • manage Repository Connections
  • customize the 'Subversion Status Labels'. For more information see here

Profiler Skips Milestone 5

Profiler is in process of switching to new Java infrastructure and will skip Milestone 5. The next Profiler dev release will be Milestone 6 when also other parts of the IDE used by the Profiler should be back.

Mobility Pack Skips Milestone 5

Mobility Pack is in process of switching to new Java infrastructure and will skip Milestone 5. The next Mobility Pack release will be Milestone 6.

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