NewAndNoteworthy in Milestone 4


Stabilization starts Oct 16th, to be released after Oct 23rd.

NetBeans 5.5 Features, notably Java EE 5 Support

NetBeans 5.5 Features, notably Java EE 5 Support are now included in NetBeans 6.0 IDE milestone builds. For a detailed description of all NetBeans 5.5 features, see this page:

Inline Diff

Now integrated into editor. To enable it, go to main menu and check View | Show Diff Sidebar. Changes made to your document are shown in the left sidebar and quick navigation marks are placed in the right errorstripe. Clicking on the left sidebar gives you options to rollback the change or open the classic diff window.


META-INF/services browser

META-INF/services browser for NetBeans module projects #66606


Copy of Call Stack to clipboard

Copy of Call Stack to clipboard action added to debugger #61324. Right-click anywhere in the Call Stack view and select Copy Stack menu item to grab the textual representation of the call stack.


Flat packages in Classes view

#79713. To improve usability, packages are listed in flat form in the debugger Classes view.


JDK selection for freeform projects

JDK selection for freeform projects #64160


OpenWith integration for Windows

OpenWith integration of NetBeans IDE is now available for Windows. Common file types are registered with IDE. See 57364 for details and list of registered file types. This has been made possible due to integration of new Command line parsing API.


Open Recent File

Feature "Open Recent File" was added to File menu in NetBeans IDE. Feature allows users to reopen documents closed in recent past with ease. See IZ entry #2710 for more details.


Profiler HeapWalker

Profiler HeapWalker improved to handle large heap dumps, performance & memory management improvements #82139


Profiler CPU Live Results

Profiler CPU Live Results "Categorization and DrillDown" - adds the ability to get a highlevel overview of profiling results


Profiler Dynamic attach

This feature allows to attach Profiler to a local application that is already running. This method does not require special command line options or environment variables. It uses new Attach API and therefore both NetBeans Profiler and profiled application must run on JDK 1.6.


JMeter available on development update center

JMeter integration module was moved from NetBeans Profiler 6.0 to NetBeans 6.0 development update center. This will allow users to use JMeter load generator without NetBeans Profiler. This also means that NetBeans Profiler 6.0 Milestone 4 will no longer contain JMeter integration module and the profiler download size will drop to 8.5M.

Preferences API

Preferences API in NetBeans #73474

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