New and Noteworthy in Milestone1



Mercurial support

The plugin for Mercurial versioning system has been added to the standard NetBeans distribution. It becomes even more useful now when whole NetBeans code base is going to migrate to Mercurial.

Plugin Manager in background

  • Plugin Manager allows to run download&install plugins in background, task progress is notified in the status line
  • Moreover Plugin Manager is non-modal dialog now


Server integration

  • Now it is possible to integrate server plugin in to the NetBeans UI without dependency on j2eeserver API.

Window System

  • Slided-in windows can be made transparent to see what's beneath them, the shortcut is Ctrl+NumPad_0


Balloon like tool tip

Mainly used to signalize that new updates are available. The look isn't final (any ideas for improvements? Comment on IZ125119


Java EE

SailFin V1

  • Visible choice in the Add Server Instance dialog


  • SIP container application exposed in Services Explorer


WebSphere 6.0 & 6.1

  • WebSphere 6.0 & 6.1 support is now part of the NetBeans.


  • WAR, EJB and EAR development and deployment for WebSpehere is supported.


New Woodstock components in Palette


Web Services

RESTful Web Service Plugin:

  • Support for Jersey 0.5: the plugin now bundle Jersey 0.5 version and generate code conformed to new API.
  • New REST Test Client UI: support for sub-resources navigation
  • New REST client wizard support for generation of stub generation from WADL.



  • Rails 2.0 support (and in the next milestone, Rails 2.0 will be bundled)
  • New Platform Manager in the Tools menu
  • Tasklist integration of hints and errors
  • Many new quickfixes (detailed here)
  • More detailed changelog here
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