NewAndNoteworthy in Milestone 1


We switched to J2SE 5.0 in trunk and now can use its new language features and APIs

  • Lookup was rewritten to use generics
  • java.util.logging has replaced our old ErrorManager for logging purposes - see Logging in NetBeans document
  • API changes listed in apichanges document
  • New Welcome Screen (aka Start Page) - UI Spec
  • Drag And Drop of files - UI Spec

Projects improvements:

  • Automatic generation of Run File and Debug File actions on a J2SE freeform project if they are invoked and don't exist already
  • Build > Repeat Build/Run menu item added (#47925)
  • Easier to open closed project from Files/Favorites tabs (#54122)
  • Offer to open a project on Ctrl-Shift-1
  • Project-specific Ant target shortcuts (#21249)
  • Java build dependency tracking for J2SE projects (#36033) and NBM projects (#77858)

Autoupdate improvements:

  • Allow to declare the target cluster of NBM - #64873
  • Handling http.nonProxyHosts property in Options UI - #13702
  • More tolerant setting of proxy host (can work also w/ http://proxy.domain pattern) - #75287
  • AutoUpdate didn't work after uninstall of module that provided its own AUC; Autoupdate can face up to a left broken settings file in userdir and filter it (#72102)

Various fixes:

  • Copy Build info in About Box dialog - #39545
  • Use system-defined HTML browser by default when running on Java SE 6 (67323), prefer Firefox to Mozilla (#61380)
  • NBM creation failed for LGPL license text with formfeeds (#74546)
  • Problems with apisupport when running NB from install dir w/ symlinks (#77600)
  • Default property editor for enumeration types

New Subversion support

GUI Builder (Matisse) - for details see the update pack description]

  • Automatic internationalization and visual localization
  • Preview with Look and Feel, possibility to install custom L&F
  • Relative font definition (platform independent)
  • Context sensitive help bar
  • Reorganized palette - more categories, easier to find components
  • Dragging components from Projects Explorer (don't need to install to palette)
  • Support for Java 6 Layout - generating standard code

NB Profiler - Profiling points

  • Profiling points are an alternative way of setting up and controlling the profiler. In a way, they are similar to breakpoints in debugger.
  • A short summary of the major features:
  • you place profiling points directly in the source code
  • you view, delete and customize profiling points in the Profiling points view
  • profiling points let you perform actions at very specific time. For example, taking a memory snapshot in some precise point was not possible until now.

NB Profiler - New Root Method Selection Dialog

  • NB Profiler has the ability to specify methods to be used as profiling roots - the process of profiling starts no sooner than hitting any of those "root" method.
  • In order to simplify the way a user selects the root methods for profiling the selector now provides a so called "logical" view of a given project thus removing the necessity of typing the method signatures manually. This includes:
  • Ability to see the project structure in a high level view (no methods, just high level element) as well as a low level (everything is shown, including methods, constructors etc.)
  • Awareness of J2EE infrastructure - the selector recognizes all specified J2EE elements and shows them in a user friendly way
  • Possibility to see a project in the plain "package" view

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