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What's NetBeans Ready program?

NetBeans Ready program goal is to help engineers to start developing their existing Java projects in NetBeans IDE.
We show how to do this based on the well-known open source projects, such as Tomcat or JRuby. The program provides ready-to-use NB projects, articles with explanations and tips.

What exactly do we do?
We choose a Java open source project, get it source files, convert it into a NetBeans project, and write an article with steps, explanations and tips on how we've done converting.

Are you a member of the open source community? Just select your project from the list and read our articles to learn how to start development easily in NetBeans IDE! Or just add your project to Wishlist.

Use NetBeans IDE 6.0 available from NetBeans IDE 6.0 Download.

NetBeans Ready articles


If you want some particular open source project to be converted into a NetBeans project, edit this page and add wished project (with the link to the project web site) to the list:

Note: Firefox/Thunderbird/Sunbird - deleted as it is not a Java project.

How to contribute

You can contribute to the NetBeans Ready program in several ways:

  • go through one of the tutorials and, if changes are needed, contact Daria Titova, or add comments to the tutorial;
  • if you have a ready-to-use NB project for an open source project, contact us and we'll publish it here;
  • if you want a particular open source project to be converted into a NetBeans project add it to Wishlist.


NetBeans Ready program contact person: Daria Titova

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