Placing NetBeans projects into CVS

This trick is specifically for SOA projects centered around JBI composite applications and service units, but would still apply to most project types. If you create the projects inside of NetBeans and use an external source control tool, like SmartCVS or SmartSVN, these are the directories you'll want to exclude and ignore.

For a service unit project, like a BPEL module, exclude

  • build
  • nbproject/private

For a composite application, exclude

  • build
  • dist
  • nbproject/private
  • src/jbiasa
  • src/jbiServiceUnits

After you successfully commit the projects, make sure the above directories stay out of source control.

For subversion, you do this by setting the ignore pattern/property. In SmartSVN, do this by clicking on the the project name and using the menu bar to select Properties > Edit Ignore Patterns.... Enter the directory names, save and don't forget to commit!

For CVS, create a .cvsignore file and add each directory or file to ignore on a new line. Save and commit the .cvsignore file.

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