NetDEV Features List

The table below lists features/enhancements that NetDEV team plans to implement or is working on right now. We ask all owners to avoid implementing several features at once and to keep status of their features in this table up-to-date. Thank you!

FIP Summary Module Added Resolved Owner Reviewer Tester Destination Status
#150393 Replace TabbedContainer with JTabbedPane in Window System 17.07.2009 maxnitribitt (Toni Epple) rmichalsky, saubrecht, dsimonek arittner (anuradha) UC Ready for test


  • FIP - # with a link to IssueZilla
  • Summary - short description of the issue
  • Module - affected module i.e. current value of issue's component property
  • Added - date when issue entry was recorded to the table
  • Resolved - date when feature implementation was integrated into the codebase
  • Owner - username of NetDEV developer who implements the feature
  • Reviewer - username of NetBeans developer who owns appropriate functionality area
  • Tester - username of another NetBeans user who tests the feature
  • Destination - desired type (standard distribution (SD) or update center (UC)) and NetBeans version for the feature (e.g. 6.8 SD or 6.7 UC)
  • Status - one of the following statuses:
Proposal - Feature Overview Wiki page (FOW) and Feature Implementation Progress issue (FIP) were created by owner
Reviewed - FOW and FIP were reviewed by reviewer and either approved or not with comments provided in FOW
In progress - owner is working on the feature
Ready for test - the feature development is finished and ready for tester
Tested - the feature was tested by tester and either approved or not with findings provided in FIP
Integrated - the source code was pushed to community-main repository
Verified - the feature was sanity tested in development builds
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