NetDEV CookBook

Note: draft document, expected to evolve with NetDEV; so far (July 2009) NetDEV applies to APISupport project only, so the text mentions it explicitly

Here are listed possible code setup options suitable for prototyping a new feature in NetDEV program. Individual code setups differ in amount of work needed to get things ready and in possible ways how to cooperate on the feature among contributors and testers, how to contribute and/or publish the feature.

Code setups

  1. No API changes in apisupport required, feature not expected to be part of standard NetBeans distribution
  • Implementation: in separate standalone module project or suite
  • Cooperation: just put the project somewhere, e.g. on Kenai
  • Publishing: NBM manually uploaded to PluginPortal
  • Note: This is already possible, there is no need for NetDEV for this kind of development
  1. Smaller enhancement, no API changes in apisupport required, but expected part of standard NetBeans distribution
  • Implementation: directly into apisupport.project
  • Cooperation: clone whole NB source tree (800+ MB) and work in it
  • Publishing: commit to community-main, available in daily builds, beta, etc.
  • Note: there is also a plan to create read-only SVN mirror of NetBeans sources, which would allow easier setup in this case, not working yet.
  1. Bigger feature or new API needed
  • Implementation: in separate module in sources or contrib
  • Cooperation: as in 2.
  • Publishing: as in 2.
  • Note: Generally more encouraged than 2. in cases where new API makes sense
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