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While NetFIX process is lighter and more bug fix oriented, goal of the NetDEV process is to cooperate with NetBeans community on development of new features. Not only that, active and quality contributions can bring community developers a push access to NetBeans source code repository or even ownership of some modules. Only a handful of functionality areas will be open to feature contributions in the beginning but we plan to extend the list once the process gets run in.

Process summary

  1. NetDEV developer wants to implement some feature.
  2. S/he finds a volunteer who commits to test the feature.
  3. S/he creates a Feature Overview Wiki (FOW) page [1], files a Feature Implementation Progress (FIP) issue [2] about the feature and records new item into the NetDEV features list.
  4. Reviewer reviews FOW and adds appropriate comment to FIP. If FOW is rejected, objections must be put in Review section of FOW.
  5. NetDEV developer must address all reviewer's comments before asking for another review.
  6. If the FOW is approved, NetDEV developer starts to implement it.
  7. Once it's implemented, s/he builds new NBM(s) and attaches it to FIP.
  8. Tester tests the feature in the latest development build patched with the new NBM(s) and adds her/his finding + Go/NoGo verdict to FIP.
  9. NetDEV developer must fix all serious (P1/P2) bugs that were found.
  10. If the feature works as expected, NetDEV developer integrates it to community-main team repository and updates FIP.
  11. Tester sanity tests new feature in the next development build.

Note: Developer, reviewer and tester are notified via automatic e-mails from IssueZilla when updating FIP.

Getting started with development

Tips and options on how to start prototyping the contribution, API changes, etc. are put into separate NetDEV Cook Book.

Integration and build process

  • Each feature must be developed locally on the NetDEV developer's machine in a clone of community-main repository
  • NetDEV developer can push change sets only into community-main repository
  • NetDEV developer is expected to watch the community-main repository's builder and must fix any problems her/his integration might have caused
  • community-main repository has a community owner who reacts to broken builds/tests and works with the committers as soon as possible

[1] Feature Overview Wiki page (FOW)

  • Proposal - this section should explain motivation for the feature, link to FIP issue, planned usecases to be supported, details of UI changes and a list of code changes
  • Review - section for discussion about the proposal if comments in FIP issue need elaboration
  • Functional documentation - section with final summary of the integrated code changes

[2] Feature Implementation Progress issue (FIP)

  • Summary - short and descriptive name of the feature
  • Component - module which the feature belongs to
  • Type - FEATURE in case of a brand new functionality, ENHANCEMENT in case of an improvement of an existing feature, TASK in case of an additional (e.g. dependent) work that must be done
  • Status - STARTED means that NetDEV developer works on the feature, FIXED means that full implementation was integrated into community-main team repository, VERIFIED means that feature was successfully tested in development builds by tester
  • URL - link to FOW page
  • CC - both reviewer and tester on the notification list
  • Description - short abstract about the feature

Open functionality areas

Module Description Reviewer
apisupport Development-time support for NetBeans APIs Richard Michalsky (rmichalsky)
cnd C/C++ support in the NetBeans IDE Vladimir Voskresensky (vv159170)
nbwicketsupport * Wicket tooling support for NetBeans IDE Geertjan Wielenga (gwielenga)
struts2 Support of Struts 2 in NetBeans IDE Petr Jiricka (pjiricka)
websphere6 WebSphere Application Server integration in NetBeans IDE Petr Jiricka (pjiricka)

Note: * - lighter process (no FOWs or testers necessary, only patches attached to FIPs are enough)

Other important information

  • Primary focus of the NetDEV program is feature/enhancement development and not bug fixing. In the latter case see NetFIX program instead.
  • By contributing an implementation of feature/enhancement NetDEV developer commits to sustaining that new functionality in current and the next release of NetBeans.

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