NetCAT Program Etiquette

This page summarizes basic rules and advices valid for all members of the NetCAT team. We kindly ask all program participants to follow these rules in order to help streamline the processing of the feedback provided during the program.

E-mail subject

Due to an usual high traffic on the NetCAT mailing list, especially at the beginning of the program, it is important to be able to filter NetCAT e-mails. Please use the appropriate prefix in the subject line of each new message to the list, based on the area of the message's concerns. See the table below for the prefixes. Also, we strongly recommend that you read all messages that have [news] in the subject. These messages are program related announcements from the NetCAT coordinator.

Subject prefix Message content
[core] Issues with core NetBeans functionality (projects, window system, options etc.)
[editor] Java editor functionality problems (completion, highlighting, hints, refactoring, folding etc.)
[j2ee] Java EE support related problems (Web Services, EJB, Webapps etc.)
[j2me] Java ME support related issues
[maven] Any issues with Maven integration
[news] NetCAT program related announcements, requests, status reports etc.
[other] Other stuff like documentation, installation, plugins, infrastructure etc.
[tools] Life cycle tools problems (debugger, profiler, versioning, GUI builder etc.)
[fx] JavaFX support related issues
[cnd] C/C++ support related issues
[php] PHP support related issues
[synergy] Any feedback concerning Synergy tool

Note: If your answer is substantially narrowing a general discussion so that subject of your message will be rather misleading please adjust the subject accordingly or start a brand new thread.

Note: Check also in NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing Tribes for updated prefixes. Each group has an E-mail prefix.

E-mail content

If you want to have your feedback processed properly, we advise you to comply with the following suggestions:

  • Use prefixes. It helps others filter messages they are not interested in.
  • Be brief. People tend to skip some parts of or even completely disregard long emails.
  • Do not reply to other messages if you are posting a new topic. Such e-mails may be overlooked as they get folded in the original thread.
  • Do not mix topics. Instead, write two separate e-mails if you want to touch two functional areas.
  • Help others if you know how.
  • You can attach pictures provided they are smaller than 100kB


Here is some advice regarding the reporting of defects or requesting of enhancements:

  • File issues yourself. If you encounter a bug, report it. Don't rely on others because the sooner we know about it the more time we have for a fix.
  • Try to find a step-by-step reproducible procedure starting with an empty userdir or at least describe what you did before.
  • If the IDE is deadlocked, attach its thread dump. (Windows: CTRL+Break, Unix: CTRL+\)
  • If a memory heap dump is required for proper investigation of a problem, please upload it to Hudson and provide your bug ID so that we know which bug it relates to.
  • Vote for bugs that you feel strongly about.
  • Follow the bug priority guidelines.
  • Read the instructions on how to write a good bug report.

Viruses, Worms, and Spam

Please take all necessary precautions to protect your computers against virus attacks and any kind of spam sent via NetCAT mailing list. We will tolerate only one such event originating from your account. If there is a second occurrence, we will unsubscribe the offending account from the NetCAT program immediately.

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