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Testing status of Maven Support for Netbeans 6.9


Platform Coverage Testing

Tested Platforms

J2SE support

Test documentation

Covered areas:

  • Maven projects
  • Clean, Build, Run, Debug maven project
  • Project properties
  • Create templates in maven projects
  • Refactoring
  • Project operations
  • Maven related options
  • Project libraries
  • Maven repository browser
  • Edit pom.xml file

Testing progress

Feature Status Type of testing
Maven projects Done Full
Clean, Build, Run, Debug maven project Done Full
Project properties Done Full
Create templates in maven projects Done Full
Refactoring Done Full
Project operations Done Full
Maven related options Done Full
Project libraries In progress Full
Maven repository browser In progress Full
Edit pom.xml file Done Full

J2EE support

Test documentation

  • Projects
  • Frameworks
  • Persistence support
  • Editor Support
  • JSP Editor
  • Javascript editor
  • Debugger
  • Identity support
  • Database Support
  • Groovy and Grails

Not Supported features

Feature Not implemented or untested Ant features
Projects Application client
Server plugins Websphere,WebLogic
Frameworks VWJSF
Identity support All
Groovy and Grails Third party plugin

Maven Focus test results

Area QE Owner(s) Testing Notes/Issues Build(s) tested Go/No Go Status
Debugger, Form Jaroslav Pospisil JSP/Javascript/Ruby 200905070201 GO,GO
Editor/Java, Refactoring Jirka Prox 200905070201 GO
Web, JSP, HTML, CSS /Editor Jindrich Sedek 200905070201 GO
Java EE, Serverplugins Michal Mocnak 164798, 164834, 164835 200905101401 NO GO

Real world testing projects


Projects that work OK


  • Mule
  • Bookstore
  • Echo
  • ErrorHandler
  • Hello
  • LoanBroker
  • Scripting
  • StockQuote
  • WebApp
  • Works OK,no missing libraries,no badly formed modules.
  • Cubeon
  • Hudson
  • mojo: colection of maven plugins
  • Apache Felix
  • Apache Cocoon


Projects that don't work at all or need some adjustance to work


  • Grizzly
  • Apache Archiva
  • Sonatype Nexus
  • Fabric3
  • Apache ServiceMix
  • Sonar
  • Apache Geronimo
  • Apache Continuum
  • Apache Lenya:
  • Tested-checkout,open,build,module and library functions
  • Missing parent POMs for some modules (opened as <badly formed>) - problem on project side
  • build error - missing dependencies/see log in Output tab
  • Missing libraries on subprojects side
  • Apache Mina
  • Cargo
  • Cake
  • Tested-checkout,open,build,module and library functions
  • Build error in one of test files.Skipping tests don't help.
  • Jetty-6
  • Glassfish - errors with POM inheritance on Glassfish side.
  • Apache Myfaces
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