NetBeans 82 HighResistance

In order to better stabilize 8.2 FCS we will utilize High Resistance (HR) process.

  • HR starts on September 2, 2016 at 8pm CET time in 'all *-main repositories
  • release82 branch is created on September 2, 2016 after all recent integrations are propagated to releases clone. This branch is used only for HR integrations.
  • When release82 branch is created all *-main repositories are opened for fixes
  • Build from release82 branch is created on daily basis till RC1, then on demand
  • all P1s have to be fixed
  • P2s reported after cut-off are evaluated for stopper status, all stoppers are marked with P1 and fixed into release81, if such P2 is not marked as stopper it's waived for this release

Integrate bugfix - how to

  • Mark the bug with 82_HR_FIX_CANDIDATE keyword (bugs)
  • Integrate into {some}-main, change Target Milestone to Dev and ask QE for verification
  • Send email to and add following information:
  • Description of the bug (including IZ #)
  • Impact assessment i.e. why it is a showstopper?
  • Risk assessment i.e. why is it safe?
  • Confirmation of peer code review and QE verification of fix (QE adds note into comment about verification)
  • Changeset info (for reviewing diffs)
  • wait 6 hours and if there is no objection, or all questions have been answered continue with integration into release82 branch. (commits)
  • Mark the bug with 82_HR_FIX keyword (bugs) and change Target Milestone to 8.2
  • QE verifies the fix in NB 8.2 build (changes status to VERIFIED)
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