NetBeans 74 NewAndNoteworthy QE Coverage

Features Responsible Coverage (list of updated TS, link to hudson job, ...) Status
HTML5 Development
HTML5 Development in Java EE and PHP Applications Lada Riha general sanity TS for inspection in HTML5/JavaWeb/PHP projects STS_74_WebInspection DONE
PhoneGap Sample Application Lada Riha TS_74_PhoneGap Done
Support for Android and iOS Browsers Lada Riha Mobile Browsers started
Browser switcher in the main toolbar Lada Riha tested by usage in HTML5 specifications (Mobile Browser, PhoneGap etc.) Done
CSS Preprocessors Lada Riha TS_74_LessSupport & TS_74_SassSupport Done
Editing Lada Riha TS_74_LessSupport & TS_74_SassSupport Done
Compilation on Save Lada Riha TS_74_LessSupport & TS_74_SassSupport Done
Live Reload Lada Riha TS_74_LessSupport & TS_74_SassSupport Done
Debugging Information Lada Riha TS_74_LessSupport & TS_74_SassSupport Done
CSS Styling Lada Riha covered by specs below Done
Browser DOM Lada Riha TS_74_HTMLEditor#Test_suite:_Browser_DOM Done
Box Model Lada Riha TS_74_SelectionMode#Test_suite:_General Done
Styling of hover-based effects Lada Riha TS_74_SelectionMode#Test_suite:_General Done
Saving changes from Chrome Developer Tools Lada Riha TS_74_SelectionMode#Test_suite:_Changes_made_from_CDT Done
Network Monitor Lada Riha TS_74_HTML5Project#Test_suite:_Network_monitor Done
JavaScript Libraries Lada Riha TS_74_HTML5Project#Test_suite:_JavaScript_libraries Done
Embedded Browser Lada Riha TS_74_BrowserIntegration#Test_Suite:_Embedded_browser Done
Editor Jirka Prox Navigation, JavaEditor, Editor, Folding, Formatting,Code Completion done
Projects Jirka Prox done
Hints Jirka Prox in progress
Refactoring Jirka Prox Refactoring, CallHierarchy done
Native Packaging Jirka Prox done
JavaFX RunTime ClassPath support Jirka Prox done
Platform development  ?
Hints  ?
Platform  ?
Project  ?
Maven  ?
Java EE
HTML5 Development in Java EE applications Stepan Zebra covered by STS_74_WebInspection done
JavaServer Faces Stepan Zebra will be part of JSF TS update started
HTML5 Development in PHP applications Milan Molda TS_74_PHP#Test_Suite:_HTML5_Development started
Editor Milan Molda Code Completion & Hints & Static Getters & Setters & Coloring Done
Refactoring Milan Molda TS_74_PHP_Code_Completion#Test_suite:_Refactoring Done
Twig Milan Molda TS_74_PHP_Code_Completion#Testsuite:_Twig_support Done
Apache Conf Milan Molda TS_74_PHP_Code_Completion#Testsuite:_Apache_Conf_support Done
NEON Milan Molda TS_74_PHP_Code_Completion#Testsuite:_Neon_support Done
INI Milan Molda TS_74_PHP_Code_Completion#Testsuite:_INI_files_support Done
Project Milan Molda TS_74_PHP#Test_Suite:_Project started
Testing Milan Molda TS_74_PHP_Miscellaneous#Test_suite:_Other_Testing & TS_74_PHP_Miscellaneous#Test_suite:_Atoum Done
Frameworks & Tools Milan Molda Zend 2 Framework & Nette 2 Framework & Composer Support & Static Code Analysis Done
JSON Lada Riha TS_74_JavaScriptEditor#Test_suite:_JSON Done
Knockout Lada Riha TS_74_KnockoutJS Done
Ext Js Lada Riha TS_74_JavaScriptEditor#Test_suite:_ExtJS Done
Angular JS Lada Riha TS_74_AngularJS Done
Projects Matej Bukovsky TS_74_ProjectsProperties#Test suite: License Headers panel Done
Ant Matej Bukovsky TS_74_Ant#Test suite: Ant Options Done
Maven Tomas Danek
Debugger Jirka Kovalsky Done
Deactivate all breakpoints Jirka Kovalsky TS_74_JPDAdbg_DebuggingAndBreakpoints Done
"Hit count" column in Breakpoints view Jirka Kovalsky TS_74_JPDAdbg_DebuggingAndBreakpoints Done
Save GUI Snapshot Jirka Kovalsky TS_74_JPDAdbg_Functionality Done
New actions on GUI Snapshot Jirka Kovalsky TS_74_JPDAdbg_Functionality Done
Field/Exception breakpoint improvements Jirka Kovalsky TS_74_JPDAdbg_DebuggingAndBreakpoints Done
Profiler Jirka Skrivanek
Lock Contention Jirka Skrivanek TS_74_Profiler#Test_suite:_Java_SE_Project Done
Inclusive method times Jirka Skrivanek TS_74_Profiler#Test_suite:_Java_SE_Project Done
Heapwalker Improvements Jirka Skrivanek TS_74_Profiler#Test_suite:_HeapWalker Done
Versioning Martin Kanak
Subversion Martin Kanak TS_74_SVN Done
Reintegrate Branch Martin Kanak TS_74_SVN#Test_suite:_Working_with_Copies.2FBranches Done
Diff between branches Martin Kanak TS_74_SVN#Test_suite:_Working_with_Copies.2FBranches Done
Mercurial Martin Kanak TS_74_HG Done
Switching between queues Martin Kanak TS_74_HG#Test_suite:_Queues Done
Rebase Support Martin Kanak TS_74_HG#Test_suite:_Branches_and_Tags Done
Diff between revisions Martin Kanak TS_74_HG#Test_suite:_Branches_and_Tags Done
Git Martin Kanak TS_74_Git Done
Rebase Support Martin Kanak TS_74_Git#Test_suite:_Working_with_branches Done
Diff between revisions Martin Kanak TS_74_Git#Test_suite:_Working_with_branches Done
Offline Mode
Tasks dashboard window
Network Proxies Tomas Danek
Platform Tomas Danek
Quicksearch Tomas Danek
Options Tomas Danek
Output Window Tomas Danek
Unit Tests Jirka Kovalsky
C/C++ Alexander Pepin
Editor Jirka Prox
Indentation and Trailing Whitespace Highlighting added Jirka Prox EditorOptions done
Databases Tomas Danek

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