NetBeans 731 NewAndNoteworthy

Java EE 7


Java EE 7

  • Java EE 7 version is available in New Project wizards for Java EE projects (And and Maven based)
  • GlassFish 4 is supported, and the Java EE 7 projects can be deployed to GlassFish 4
  • Bundled Java EE Javadoc was updated to Java EE 7
  • CDI is enabled by default for new Java EE 7 projects
  • New deployment descriptor and configuration file formats are recognized and supported by all Java EE features
  • New Java EE 7 sample projects


  • JAX-RS version 2.0 is now supported
  • Existing JAX-RS service wizard now generates JAX-RS 2.0 code
  • JAX-RS Java client wizard now generates code that uses the new JAX-RS Client API
  • New wizard for JAX-RS Filter and Interceptor
  • The Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Filter wizard now generates standard JAX-RS code using new JAX-RS filter APIs (not Jersey-specific code as previously)
  • New action to convert existing REST method to asynchronous, accessible via Insert Code... -> Convert Method to Asynchronous


  • New wizard to create a WebSocket Endpoint (or more generally Server Endpoint)


  • JPA version 2.1 is now supported
  • table names and ASC/DESC completion in @Index annotation
  • bundled eclipselink is updated to 2.5 version with jpa 2.1 support
  • new "Persistence|DB Script from Entity Classes" wizard to generate sql create tables script for tables represented by entities in a project, it work on compiled classes.


  • JMS version 2.0 is now supported
  • MDB wizard got 2nd page for specifying standard Activation Config Properties defined by specification
  • MDB wizard's Project destinations lookups @JMSDestinationDefinition of the projects
  • Portable way for JMS destination registration using @JMSDestinationDefinition in case of JavaEE7 projects
  • Send JMS Message insert code action can generate simplified, JavaEE7 specific code (and enables CDI if necessary)


  • EJB version 3.2 is now supported
  • JavaEE7 web projects are able to use non-persistent TimerSessionBeans
  • Few new hints:
    • Persistent timer can't be used in the project targeting EJB lite platform
    • Incorect usage of the @Asynchronous method invocation


  • Editor supports new Expression Language 3.0 syntax and structures
  • Resource bundles completion and hints newly available for "#{bundleRef.key}" syntax
  • Completion for EL 3.0 operators on the Iterable properties and elements
  • Completion for static methods, fields invocation
  • Go to declaration for Resource Bundles files and keys
    EL Resource Bundles navigation


  • JavaServer Faces 2.2 is now supported and bundled with the IDE
  • JSF Template Client wizard supports ResourceLibrary contracts in external .JARs or in the 'contracts' folder of the WEB-ROOT
  • Support for @FlowScoped beans from the editor and wizards
  • Editor supports, namespaces
  • Tags, namespaces definitions using @FacesComponent
  • Bundled PrimeFaces upgraded to version 3.5
  • Few new hints:
    • Namespace is intended for non-JSF-aware markup
    • @FlowScoped bean in the non-CDI capable project
    • Annotations from the package javax.faces.bean will be deprecated in the next JSF version. CDI ones are recommended instead.

WebLogic 12.1.2

Development of Java EE 6 applications with the upcoming WebLogic 12.1.2 release is now supported.

JBoss AS 7

It is now possible to register and use JBoss AS 7 (including 7.2) with NetBeans for Java EE (up to Java EE 6) development and deployment.

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