NetBeans 701 Quality Plan

QE schedule

This QE schedule defines main QE activities to be done according to overall NetBeans 7.0.1 plan

Dates(Release) Task Activity Description Parallel Tasks
05/30 NB701CAT testing (06/2-7) Nb70Jdk6u26CobundleTest
06/06 Nb701jdk7Verification06082011 JDK7 bugs evaluation and verification of fixes
06/13 Update VDIs with JDK7(b145)
06/20 Windows XP testing
pretesting NB 7.0.1 RC1
NB701TestingProgress report VPAT 2390 (internal)
06/27 Ubuntu 11.04 testing NB701TestingProgress
07/04 MacOS testing, NB701CAT testing (06/30-07/12) NB701TestingProgress (holiday week in CZ)
07/11 Windows 7 testing NB701TestingProgress, NB701UpgradeTesting
07/18 Nb701Jdk7CobundleTest, NB701GlassFish311FinalBuildTesting
07/25 NB701GoNoGo (release scheduled for 07/28)


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