NetBeans 69 Modules

NetBeans 6.9 Development vs. Maintenance modules

List Product followed by its Components in Development and Maintenance columns in a level of granularity used in Quality dashboard. Example in Core row.

AREA In Development In Maintenance
Products:Components Products:Components
Core API Support: all

Platform: Documentation, Module System
Projects: Maven, Ant, Ant Project, Generic Projects UI, Generic Infrastructure, Java Webstart

ide: Import Settings, Logger, Welcome

Platform: Execution, --Other--, JDK Problems, Options&Settings, Launcher&CLI, Directory Chooser, Graph, NB JUnit, Actions, Outline&Treetable, Property Editors, Quick Search, Palette, Filesystems, Data Systems, Window System, Templates, Output Window, Favorites, Progress, Dialogs&Wizards, Tasklist, Lookup, Explorer&Property Sheet, Navigator, Nodes
Projects: Libraries, Eclipse project importer, Ant Freeform
Java: Freeform
JavaEE: Maven

Editor Tech. editor:Painting & Printing, editor:Parsing & Indexing, editor:-- Other --, java:Compiler, java:Source, java:Editor, java:Classpath, java:Hints, java:Project editor:Search, editor:Actions/Menu/Toolbar, editor:Settings, editor:Refactoring, editor:Navigation, editor:Options, editor:Hints & Annotations, editor:CSL (API & infrastructure), editor:Key bindings, editor:Completion & Templates, editor:Lexer, editor:Macros, editor:Code folding, editor:Formatting & Indentation, java:Javadoc, java:Refactoring, java:Navigation, java:Platform, java:Beans, platform:Text
LCT debugger:All, versioncontrol:Code,Mercurial,Subversion,localhistory, Diff GUI Builder, versioncontrol:CVS
CDev connecteddeveloper:All
JavaFX All
Mobility Build System (Platform, Project, adaptation of MIDP3), Fragmentation Web Services, CDC pack, Visual Designer, JUnit
Supp. Mod All
Web & EE javaee:Editor,Persistence,Spring,Code,JSF,CDI,JSF Editor,Debugger,Samples, serverplugins:Infrastructure,WebLogic 9,GlassFish v3,Code, webservices:All ide:Extbrowser,Schema2Beans,Internal Server, javaee:EAR,App Client,Struts,Web Freeform,EJB Project,Wizards,Servlet,EJB,Hibernate,DD Editor,Web Project,HTTP Monitor, xml:Multiview, serverplugins:Identity,Tomcat,JBoss 4,Sun Appserver 8,Sun Appserver 9
Ruby ruby:All
Installer installer : all platform : Autoupdate , Plugin Manager , Plugin Importer ;ide : Registration
DB DB:all
Web Langs web:All, javascript:All, javaee:JSP, JSP Parser
Profiler Adaptation / work in selected areas for JavaFX/JavaEE The rest
PHP php:All
Groovy groovy:All
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