How can I verify the integrity of downloaded installer files?

To verify the integrity of Netbeans Visual Web Pack 5.5 installer files after downloading, confirm the actual file byte sizes and its MD5 checksums.

The file sizes and checksums for Netbeans Visual Web Pack 5.5 are:

Filename Bytes MD5 Checksum
netbeans-visualweb-5_5-windows.exe 27111906 4e6299c046218855f1af28be5a8f397d
netbeans-visualweb-5_5-macosx.jar 25213024 e1656ee3d7c9ee545d47ff7a1bc04b3f
netbeans-visualweb-5_5-solaris-sparc.bin 26854400 36da53b5badaac741eba159ace66bf9a
netbeans-visualweb-5_5-solaris-x86.bin 26854400 36da53b5badaac741eba159ace66bf9a
netbeans-visualweb-5_5-linux.bin 26856448 5c3d5ccdd69cddfa75056fb89e66e966
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