Solaris OS offers complete support for developing and deploying applications for the web. Starting from SXDE 1/08, a collection of some of the most commonly used open source applications and frameworks are bundled with the OS. These applications comprise the Web Stack and include several packages that are optimized for the Solaris OS and aid in web based development in Solaris OS. SXDE 1/08 also has NetBeans IDE, a free open-source IDE for creating professional desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications.

Here is a tutorial to help you get started with NetBeans on Solaris using the Web Stack components.

This document shows you how you can use NetBeans IDE to build web application on Solaris OS using the Web Stack components bundled with the OS. Before we dive into the details of these components, let us enumerate the stages involved in developing an end to end enterprise grade web application.

If you are using Solaris Express Developer Edition 1/08, you do not need to download NetBeans IDE or any other software as the Web Stacks components like the AMP stack and Ruby/Rails are already integrated with OS. If you are using OpenSolaris OS, refer to the OpenSolaris site on getting the Web Stack IPS package. For all other Solaris OS versions, you can download the optimized AMP stack from


NetBeans on Solaris How Tos

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