NetBeans Maven Contributors

NetBeans Maven Contributors is a small community of Maven NetBeans support users that will be involved in defining of Maven support development way. Members of this community have some benefits which help them to influence the future of Maven support in NetBeans IDE.

NetBeans Maven Contributor benefits:

  • direct reporting issues into the IssueZilla via Exception Reporter
  • new features and UI specification reviews, evaluation of prototypes
  • influence on nominating issues that should be integrated into Patch updates
  • influence on nominating issues that should be fixed before releases
  • closer cooperation and keeping in touch with development
  • T-shirts ;-)


Task 1:

The first task consists of two parts. The first one is about introduction of members and the second one is related to the planned integration of maven support to trunk. Since we want to make sure that there are not stoppers for real users we would like to hear your opinion related to quality. Also we encourage you in identification of missing Maven features that you need for your work.

  • introduce yourself and start working with latest builds from maven-dev branch
  • discuss difficulties that you have with builds and file issues
  • finish date: 2008/11/26

Task 1 results - suggested parts for improvement:

Kristian Rink

  • creating EJB modules
  • adding web service clients to maven2
  • having same wizards as ant-based projects
  • recursively build inter-dependent projects, re-build on demand (+1 from Laurent)
  • wizard for an empty folder + pom.xml (out of groupId, artifactId, verdsion)

Laurent Foret

  • prefer maven.spring in Java SE (+1 from Kristian)
  • the avaibility to add son module directly from a pom module
  • the possibilty to change the view resources as a package view instead of folder tree view (+1 from Kristian)

Ryan de Laplante

  • full featured Project Properties like in ant projects; managing libraries like in ant projects in project properties instead of the current way
  • visual editor for pom.xml
  • do synchronization the development of new ant-project related features and maven-related

Wouter van Reeven

  • NetBeans doesn't pick up the Facelets and RichFaces tags in a maven enabled project

Task 2:

Participants were asked to answer mail based 'survey':

  • closing date date: 2009/01/22

Task 2 results

It is hard to make conclusions from answers of 5 participants, but some results were gathered in File:Maven survey results NetBeansMavenContributors.html maven survey results document.


Name E-mail
Kristian Rink kawazu AT kawazu428
Anuradha G theanuradha AT theanuradha
Ryan de Laplante ryan AT rdelaplante
Laurent Foret laurent.foret AT lforet
Raphael Pieroni raphaelpieroni AT larafale
Wouter van Reeven wouter AT wvreeven
Alvin Thompson alvin AT athompson
Dick Wall dick AT dickwall

Mailing list:

All participants are subscribed to the private mailing list maven-interest AT netbeans DOT org
The web interface for this mailing list is also available.

Other subscribed

There are subscribed also following Sun employees in the maven-interest AT netbeans DOT org mailing list:

Name Sun.Com Role
Milos Kleint Milos.Kleint mkleint NB Maven developer
David Simonek David.Simonek dsimonek NB Maven developer
Jaroslav Pospisil Jaroslav.Pospisil jpospisil NB Maven QE
Jaromir Uhrik Jaromir.Uhrik juhrik NB Maven QE

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