NetBeans at JavaOne 2009

This page will track all the NetBeans related sessions and activities at JavaOne.


Session Submissions

Sl. No. Session Title Session Type Summary Speakers Status
1 Seeding the cloud: Developing scalable applications for the cloud Technical Session Session talks about the lifycycle in developing applications for the cloud and also outlines the tools support available. Ashwin Rao, TBD To be submitted
2 Make sure you're connected! NetBeans and Kenai join forces BoF Will talk about integration of Kenai features into NetBeans (aka Connected Developer) Maros Sandor, Roman Ondruska Submitted Conf# S304774
3 Java Development with Jython Technical Session Focus on Java integration with Jython. Using NetBeans for demos Frank Wierzbicki Submitted Conf# S304463
4 TBD:(JRuby) Technical Session Will broadly cover advanced JRuby, JRuby peripherals, JRuby wrapping Java, etc. Charles Nutter, Tom, Nick To be submitted
5 Leveraging Jython in your Java application development with NetBeans IDE - a step by step guide Hands On Lab Lab exercise covering building an app with Jython and Java Hong Lin, Peter Lam Submitted Conf# S304411
6 NetBeans Platform: beyond the desktop (Wicket + NetBeans Platform = Modular Web Apps) Technical Session Developing modular webapps with Wicket and the NetBeans Platform Fabrizio Giudici Rejected Conf# S305119
7 Modular design with the NetBeans Platform Technical Session Designing a modular API with NetBeans Platform Fabrizio Giudici Rejected Conf# S305120
8 Frankenstein's IDE: Running NetBeans on OSGi and vice versa BoF Practical comparison of NetBeans module system and OSGi Anton Epple submitted S304949
9 Easy & Cheap Application Modularity with Annotations BoF How to register services from modular apps using Java 5+ annotations, as used in NB 7.0. Jesse Glick submitted
10 Java Packaging for Linux: Best practices BoF Process of packaging of the java software by the example of NetBeans IDE Yulia Novozhilova submitted Conf# S304812
11 Consumer IDE: From prototype to product Technical Session Demonstrations of this functionality and shows the attendees the new APIs, the necessary changes in existing product to achieve the Consumer IDE that is ergonomics and gives the users what he want only when it's needed Jiri Rechtacek, Lukas Hasik Submitted S304557
12 Get More Out of Java VisualVM Technical Session Examination of VisualVM APIs and how to use them to integrate your own tools into Java VisualVM and how to support your own applications through Java VisualVM Geertjan Wielenga Submitted
13 Porting an Application to the NetBeans Platform Technical Session Very pragmatic presentation, very few slides, just giving a visceral idea of how an application looks before porting and how it looks, and how it benefits afterwards. Uses the Anagram Game and moves it step by step to the NetBeans Platform. Geertjan Wielenga Submitted
14 Development and testing of accessible Java applications in NetBeans IDE BoF -Introduce disability, accessibility and assistive technologies (US Section 508, EU Mandate 376)
-Introduce Accessibility in Java (JAAPI)
-Show the support for accessibility development and testing in NetBeans IDE
-Demonstration (create and test simple accessible Java application in NetBeans IDE)
J. Uhrik,
T. Musil
15 Jython/Python Application Development Using the NetBeans Python Plugin in NetBeans IDE Technical Session This session introduces developers to Jython/Python development using the NetBeans Python Plugin Hong Lin, Peter Lam Submitted Conf# S305244
16 Using NetBeans J2ME support for the development of the GUI applications based on SVG Technical Session Introducing a new functionality in the NetBeans J2ME module that enables development of the applications with rich content interfaces based on SVG UI components. Andrei Chistiakov, Ivan Sidorkin Submitted Conf# S304830
17 Light Weight Transformation Processes via XSLT Service Technical Session Demonstrates XSLT Service Engine as the solution for the developing light weight transformation processes: the way from problems to solution.
Describes transformation process artifacts and several simple transformation process patterns.
Vitaly Bychkov, Ivan Sidorkin Submitted Conf# S304853
18 Automating Program Development Cycle by integrating Business Processes with Netbeans IDE BoF Introduces SOA approach to the organizing Programm Development Cycle(PDC). Compares original PDC solution and a new one. Vitaly Bychkov, Ivan Sidorkin Submitted Conf# S305448
19 Hudson4qe - Hudson utilization as complex testing infrastructure BoF Lukas Hasik, Tomas Musil Submitted Conf# S304068
20 Save Your Time : Build Quickly Apps With RCP Hands-on lab this HOL should allow users to get their hands dirty with NetBeans RCP. It should be follow up of session "Porting an Application to the NetBeans Platform" Lukas Hasik, Jiri Rechtacek accepted
21 Using NetBeans to develop JavaScript/Ajax applications HOL Explore the NetBeans JavaScript/Ajax toolset by creating a simple Flickr application using a popular Ajax widget library (eg. jQuery) Samaresh Panda, Sheryl Su Submitted
22 New Trends in NetBeans™ Multithreaded Debugging Technical Session Overview of new approaches in multithreaded debugging, together with enhanced stepping and code evaluation Martin Entlicher,
Daniel Prusa
Submitted S304780
23 Creating Professional Rich Client Applications BOF In this talk you will learn how to get the best out of Matisse (NetBeans GUI builder) to design professional GUI applications. Jan Stola,
Jiri Vagner
Submitted S304558
24 Touch your application! - Building slick, touch-enabled UI for Java ME Hands-on lab UI development for Java ME for touch screen based devices Karol Harezlak,
Lukas Hasik
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