What to to if NetBeans installation failes in files unpacking ?

Installing NetBeans the installer finishes and the logfile shows the following notice:

extracting C:\Programme\NetBeans 7.1\platform\modules\locale\org-netbeans-modules-editor-mimelookup-impl_pt_BR.jar.pack.gz
executing command: C:\Programme\Java\jdk1.6.0_29\jre\bin\unpack200.exe C:\Programme\NetBeans 7.1\platform\modules\locale\org-netbeans-modules-editor-mimelookup-impl_pt_BR.jar.pack.gz C:\Programme\NetBeans 7.1\platform\modules\locale\org-netbeans-modules-editor-mimelookup-impl_pt_BR.jar, in directory: .
     [Return]: 128
 ... command execution finished
 org.netbeans.installer.utils.exceptions.InstallationException: Cannot extract installation data for Base IDE
 	at org.netbeans.installer.product.components.Product.install(
 	at org.netbeans.installer.wizard.components.actions.InstallAction.execute(
 	at org.netbeans.installer.wizard.components.WizardAction$
 Caused by: Unpack200 finished with error
 Error code: 128

Q: What's to do?
A: It is better to disable firewall, antivirus, and monitoring applications before you start installation. Some of these applications can prevent IDE components from being configured correctly during the installation process.
For example, if you have the Logitech Process Monitor application (LVPrcSrv.exe) running on your system, the installation will probably fail (with various exit code in the log) during unpacking of files so switch it off before installation.

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