Documentation Plan for 6.0 NetBeans Module Development Tutorials

The following is a list of documentation being written by the docs group for the NetBeans Platform, for NetBeans module development in general. Also included are gaps in our documentation, gaps in code samples, and things that NetBeans engineers can do to make the life of newbies to their APIs more manageable.

APISupport Wizards

  • To support NetBeans module developers, whenever a new API is being developed, we need an APISupport wizard to accompany it.
  • For the same reasons, we need at least two samples covering the use cases of each API.

Top APIs That Need Code Samples

  • Generic Scripting Framework (Tor)
  • Schliemann (Hanz)
  • Lexer API (Mila)
  • New Java Editor Infrastructure (Jan Lahoda)
  • Database Explorer API (Andrei)
  • Editor Hints (?)
  • Refactoring (?)

Tutorials That Need To Be Reviewed

  • Everything in the list below, depending on the developer in question. For example:
  • Standa: Code Snippet Tutorial & Common Palette API Tutorial
  • Petr Hejl: Server Skeleton Tutorial

List of Tutorials

The following are needed in the NetBeans Platform area (if there is no link, it doesn't exist, and needs to be created):

Must Have

Should Have

Nice To Have


  • 'must have': P1
  • 'should have': P2
  • 'nice to have': P3 the topics are already covered in the "Rich Client Programming" book and/or the topic is deemed to be a corner case
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