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Time Title Abstract Speakers
09:00 - 09:45 [UGF8871] Meet the NetBeans Community, with Boeing, Jelastic, JRebel, Vaadin, and more! The NetBeans community is large. Companies and individual developers around the world support their technologies by creating new tools in NetBeans IDE. In this session, meet NetBeans users around the world who will demonstrate how they are developing code with NetBeans, how they have enriched NetBeans with new features, and how you can be involved in their projects. Speakers include developers working on NetBeans at Boeing, Jelastic, JRebel, and Vaadin. Zoran Sevarac (moderator)
Bruce Shimel (Boeing)
Matti Tahvonen (Vaadin)
Ruslan Synytsky (Jelastic CTO)
Anton Arhipov (JRebel)
10:00 - 10:45 [UGF8907] James Gosling, Robots, Raspberry Pi, and Small Devices James Gosling recently stated that 'being able to debug and profile robots out at sea is a truly life-altering experience'. He uses a set of tools, consisting of editors, debuggers, and profilers, that are part of NetBeans IDE. In this session, James Gosling and other speakers will introduce you to these tools and you will be shown how easily and quickly you can program and interact with devices via Java tools. Come and see how well integrated embedded devices are with the Java ecosystem! James Gosling (Robots at Liquid Robotics)
Johannes Weigend (Raspberry Pi)
Jose Perada (Raspberry Pi)
Jens Deters (Raspberry Pi)
Shai Almog (Codename One)
11:00 - 11:45 [UGF8872] Free Java Tools for Maven and Java EE Working closely with Java EE and application server engineers, the NetBeans team has created the best-in-breed environment for developing Java EE applications with Maven. This panel discussion includes demos of Java EE applications with Maven in the real world, in the context of how NetBeans has assisted in their development, while covering the future of these applications in relation to cloud and HTML5 technology. Markus Eisele (moderator)
Sean Comerford (
Martijn Verburg (Maven)
Adam Bien (Java EE)
Mark Stephens (Static Analysis)
15:30 - 16:15 [UGF8846] Get Productive with Free Java Tools NetBeans IDE has a great set of free out of the box tools for quickly and efficiently developing all kinds of applications. In this panel discussion, you'll see practical effects you can create with Java EE and JavaFX in your own applications and hear from developers using the NetBeans Platform in their everyday development work for creating maintainable modular applications. Come find out about everything that NetBeans can be and do for you! Toni Epple (moderator, DukeScript)
David Heffelfinger (Java EE)
Sven Reimers (JavaFX integeration)
Bernd Ruehlicke (NetBeans at Eriksfiord)
Michelle Chamberlin (NetBeans at Boeing)
16:30 - 17:15 [UGF8873] Teaching Java with Free Java Tools How do you teach Java, what tools do you use? Which editor, debugger, and profiler? Are they all separate tools or are they integrated? Are they free? Do they work out of the box or do you need to spend a lot of time getting set up? In this session, learn how teachers around the world are using NetBeans and about the technologies that are interesting to use and talk about in the classroom. This is a session for and by teachers, and the technology providers that can be useful to them, so join the discussion and share your experiences! Zoran Sevarac (teacher in Serbia and UML plugin)
Ken Fogel (teacher in Canada)
Andreas Stefik (SodBeans for blind students)
Paul/Gail Anderson (teachers in US and promote new book)
Johannes Weigend (teacher in Germany)
17:30 - 18:15 [UGF8906] Lightning Talks: Even More Productivity with Free Java Tools! NetBeans IDE has a great set of free out of the box tools for quickly and efficiently developing all kinds of applications. In this series of lightning talks, you'll see a range of demos, from quickly creating plugins to identifying bugs and efficiently tuning your application for performance. Come find out about everything that NetBeans can do for you! Tim Boudreau (plugin development)
Kirk Pepperdine (Profiler, VisualVM)
Stephen Reinert (Microchip on MPLAB X)
Josh Juneau (Java EE)
Ben Evans (Maven)
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