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Set of tasks to choose from in order to pass the NetBeans Certified Engineer Course. Potentially, you can find a partner somewhere else in the world to work with you on a particular task. The goal is to provide a wide range of varying tasks or enhancements (that the NetBeans Team would like to see implemented, but do not have the time for), bugs (that are not essential enough to justify Sun's money for fixing them) or features and applications to be build on top of NetBeans.

Adding your ideas

If you have additional ideas, edit the table below. Or, you can choose any issue in IssueZilla and add "request_for_contribution" as whiteboard status. That will make the issue appear here.

Implementing an idea

If you want to implement some feature, subscribe yourself as an owner. Either in the table bellow or, if there is an associated issuezilla issue, directly in there.

Finishing an idea

If you finish your work, modify status field to say done and provide a link to your product (probably attach it to issuezilla, if you do not have commit rights).

Tasks to Implement

IssueZilla Query and a table of explicit tasks:

Task IZ Description Owner Status
Registry Editor Write standalone application based on Nodes API that will act as an editor for java.util.prefs.Preferences objects
Karel programming language Create support for Karel programming language inside of NetBeans Miloš Šilhánek functional but need improve language support
Use Case Content Application for Writing Use Cases Miloš Šilhánek functional prototype
DocBook improvements Extend DocBook modules to support SolBook DTD so that we can use it as an open-source tool for editing Sun documentation, more details to follow
Explorer Views In Palette IZ 20851 Update apisupport.project module to register new beans in the palette. Fine tune these components to look nice. Prepare a template base on Window Component Template that will provide preset up ExplorerManager.Provider
Explorer View via Visual Library Create new module that uses Visual Library to display any Node hierarchic structure. Use sources provided by Simon and Philippe
Create hyperlinks from XML layer to related artifacts, e.g., localizing bundle and Java sources
Create action for opening from NetBeans, like existing 'Open XML Layer' that opens layer for selected node
Visual Library API code generator (i.e., a template)
Visualize Ant script task dependencies using Visual Library
Choose a language and use Schliemann to create editor support
Create new editor hints for the Java editor
Pluggable welcome screen (i.e., let platform developers add their own panels)
Provide support for your favorite web framework
Provide support for your favorite application server or web server
NB plugin showing number of developer/module opened bugs reported in Jira/Bugzilla
HTML/XML spell checker Extend SpellChecker plugin to check text in HTML and XML files
JDK 5 source upgrade tool Editor hints or other integrated UI which would migrate source code to JDK 5 language conventions
Resurrect the Beans module IZ 90907 Rewrite the Beans module to new javac APIs
Port imagine to NB6.0 imagine is a separate application build on top of NetBeans. So porting should be easy. Just take the modules and make them recognize image files in NB6.0
Port JOSM to the NetBeans platform JOSM is a pluggable Open Street Map GIS editing tool that shares many aspects of the NetBeans platform and could therefore benefit from using common, tuned and mostly more powerful implementation of them.
Contribute to the JFugue Music NotePad Look at the Issuezilla on that project site and fix some of the issues
Provide apisupport templates in Eclipse and/or IntelliJ
Create Mobility Visual Designer Custom Components See MobilityDesigner2HowToCustomComponent for further technical informations. The Mobility Visual Designer Custom Components API is very special, but it comes with a very good documentation from KarolHarezlak. IMHO a very interesting part of the NetBeans IDE platform, which supports students in the development of plug-ins. ( Josh)
Implement a new Window-Manager Create a new Window-Manager based upon the current Window-Manager. Implement new features for TopComponents (like floatable, transparent TC, HeavyWeight Support, ...) ( Josh)
Provide a JavaHelp WYSIWYG Editor Implement a multi view editor for Java Help files (don't forget images), Create a TOC Editor based on the Nodes- and Explorer-API ( Josh)
Work on RefactorIt Plugin RefactorIt is an advanced Refacatoring tool with some very nice metrics. A plugin for Eclipse is available while the Plugin for NetBEans is there only in the SVN. The team needs some help polishing it ( see ) for better integration with the platform ( Toni)
NetBeans PKI support Public key infrastructure support for NetBeans platform applications (like NetBeans IDE).
Has already:
*plugin for viewing X.509 certificate details
Future plans:
*editing java keystore and pkcs12 keystore
*generating keys, X.509 certificates and PKCS#10 requests
*certificate verification with CRLs/OCSP
Project site: NetBeans PKI
Zacheusz Siedlecki in progress
Graphing of Threads for NetBeans . This kind of plugin for NetBeans gives support to applications with threads and this gives facilities to programers in threads using IDEs in java (like NetBeans IDE). Christian Portilla Pauca Begining this project ...
Inline Method/Variable Refactoring IZ 57545 This issue tracks implementation of Inline Method/Variable refactoring. Ralph Benjamin Ruijs Testing and cleanup

Many other enhancements waiting for someone to implement them.

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