NetBeansCertifiedEngineerCourse in January 2009

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Tue, Jan 13, 13.45 - 17.00

  • Jarda: Intro: NetBeans Platform
  • Toni: Modularity in practise: ClassLoaders & Third Party libs
  • (a little bit of) NetBeans vs. OSGi
  • btw. OSGiAndNetBeans seems to be in executable state -> Toni added: That's fantastic, I've been following that discussion, I'll try that out this weekend.
  • mostly about ClassLoaders and third-party libs (including one or two examples)
  • Jarda: An Introduction to the System FileSystem
  • storing settings
  • hiding files, braning
  • extension points
  • annotations
  • Toni: Window System
  • modes, groups, fine-tuning window system
  • Thomas Visual Library (if there is enough time)

Wed, Jan 14, 15.30 - 18.00

  • Thomas Visual Library (continuation from previous day)
  • Jarda: NetBeans JavaBeans
  • More on Actions: context, etc.
  • more property sheet
  • Thomas: Special Explorer Views
  • OutlineView, TableView, etc.
  • Toni:(Alternative to above) Porting Applications to the NetBeans Platform
  • Benefits & Experiences porting applications
  • Porting Guide: Mapping Swing concepts to NetBeans step by step
  • all: Contributing to OpenSource Projects
  • Thomas + rest: Possible projects

Other Available topics:

  • Progress API
  • Wizards API
  • JavaHelp Integration
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