Dashboard of Open Issues for NetBeans and Solaris Integration

Process Issues

Date Description Owner Status Comments
2007-12-10 Not clear who in NB QE is working on testing on Solaris Petr Blaha resolved</div> Petr Blaha is the QE contact for NetBeans
2007-12-13 Developer often doesn't have access rights to the resources he needs. Secure by default becomes "difficult by default" David VC Working on it Beginning discussions with Solaris xDesign/usability folks</div>

Implementation Issues

Issue Description Bug Id Link Status Owner Expected Delivery Date Comments
mysql user should be created by default 6636848 Accepted webstack Solaris 3/08 This happens when you run "initialize" from the Web Stack tools, so this is pretty good right now
mysql user created by webstack tools uses wrong directory 6638783 Actively being worked on webstack Nevada Build 79a
mysql database should be initialized by default N/A Completed webstack Solaris 1/08
Initialize db on service startup  ??? Completed solaris db Nevada Build 79
Start menu item to start PostgreSQL 6640483 Accepted solaris db Solaris 03/08? Will provide menu items to initialize PostgreSQL admin (by granting rights to current user), and start/stop PostgreSQL. Also potentially allow you to bring pgAdmin from Start menu
Auto-register Apache 123309 Logged, not evaluated NB PHP Unknown
Auto-pick Apache when creating a PHP project 123311 Accepted NB PHP NB 6.1
Better help when debugger is not installed correctly 123508 Evaluated NB PHP 6.1
Fix error message to suggest the user fix permissions on deploy directory 123312 Accepted NB PHP NB 6.1
Background copy of PHP files to target dir 122316 Unevaluated NB PHP Unknown
No progress bar when auto-detecting web server 123310 Accepted</div> NB PHP NB 6.1
Include Postgres Ruby gem in NetBeans 122344 Not evaluated NB Ruby Unknown
Make native Ruby default on Solaris with NetBeans 122431 Accepted NB Ruby NB 6.1
Include Postgres native and Ruby drivers in Solaris Unknown Accepted webstack Solaris 3/08
Fix database.yml for Postgres to not use UNIX file socket 122345 Not evaluated NB Ruby Unknown
Unable to use PostgreSQL JDBC driver in Ruby 123671 Erno is looking into it NetBeans NB 6.1
Rails is not included with webstack 6641002 Planned for SXDE 03/07 webstack SXDE 03/07
Very difficult to set up writeable gem repository 6640996 123915 123916 Best solution yet to be determined webstack and NB Ruby Unknown
NetBeans Ruby in 6.0 has problems with Rails 2.0 Being addresed in 6.1 NB Ruby NB 6.1
JRuby gem repository is not writeable 125046 Logged</div> NB installer Unknown Workaround is to make it writeable
NetBeans Database Support</span>
Pre-register mysql database connection in NetBeans Active NetBeans NB 6.1 It's not clear if this is what we need - Andrei gave this a -1. Am reconsidering
Make it easy to create sample databases 122191 Active</div> NetBeans NB6.1
Can't save password if password is empty/null 123844 Accepted NB db NB 6.1
Unable to change schema for Postgres connections 123845 Accepted NB db NB 6.1

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