NetBeans and Open Solaris

This page is dedicated to investigating, documenting and improving the integration between NetBeans and the application runtime platforms available in Open Solaris. These platforms include but are not limited to:

  • PHP (Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL/MySQL, memcached, DTrace)
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Apache, PostgreSQL/MySQL, DTrace)
  • Java (Glassfish or Sun Web Server, Java DB/PostgreSQL/MySQL, DTrace)
Please feel free to contact me at
david dot vancouvering at sun dot com
if you have any thoughts, ideas, concerns, feedback, issues or rants around how well NetBeans works (or doesn't) with these stacks.


Activities include:

  • Sanity testing with build candidates for SXDE and/or Indiana
  • Logging RFEs and issues to improve overall usability
  • Tracking these RFEs and issues and escalating as needed
  • Documenting how to accomplish various tasks using NetBeans and Open Solaris
  • Answering questions and resolving on various forums/email lists as needed

Tips, tricks, and howtos

Solaris Express 01/08 with full webstack support and NetBeans 6.0 is now available.

I have written up a number of tips on how to get going with the web stack and NetBeans.

Please feel free to comment on these or add your own!


Here is the overall dashboard of issues that have been found and their status.

Sanity testing

We are working on identifying the use cases/scenarios we want to test on a regular basis to make sure that NetBeans works with Solaris runtimes. This is not so much about evaluating user experience as just making sure things work.

This page defines the scenarios that we want to exercise, who is doing them, and what their status is for a given build of Open Solaris.




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