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Pri TaskId Task Owner Milestone Status Reference/comments
1 EJB Support Java EE 6
P2 1.1 Optional Local Interfaces (see EJB 3.1 Spec 3.4) Gowri M2 DONE
P2 1.1.1 Update Code Generators Dongmei M2 DONE
P2 1.1.2 Easy annotation of public methods Dongmei M2 NO CHANGE NEEDED No special annotation needed for the public methods
P2 1.1.3 Update "Call Enterprise Bean Code Generator" Dongmei M2 DONE
P2 1.2 EJB Annotations support NO CODE CHANGE NEEDED are changes needed ?
P2 1.3 Singleton Session Beans Gowri M2 DONE
P3 1.4 Embedded container support
P4 1.5 Deployment Descriptor changes
2 Java Web Project Java EE 6
P1 2.1 Add a node for Java EE 6 Spec level Trey M2 FINISHED
P1 2.2 Enterprise Bean packaging (see EJB 3.1 Spec 20.4) M2
2.2.1 -Implementing EjbJarMetaModel and EjbJarProvider in web.project module Dongmei M2 STARTED
2.2.2 -Session Bean wizard in web project Jyothi
2.2.3 -Message Driven Bean wizard in web project Jyothi
2.2.4 -Standard Deployment Descriptor wizard (empty ejb-jar.xml) in web project Jyothi Need to support the EJB 3.1 XML schema
2.2.5 -Call Enterprise Beans code generator change Dongmei M2 DONE The dialog need to list the EJBs defined in the web project itself
2.2.6 -Enterprise Beans node in web project Trey M2 Done
2.2.7 Expose various EJB wizards in web project context menu Trey M2
2.2.8 Expose j2ee category as a sibling of web in web project creation wizard Trey M2
P2 2.3 Changes for Maven Support Maven Support
P2 2.4 Support for Java EE 6 Profiles Trey M3
3 Servlets Java EE 6
P1 3.1 Update servlet wizards Matt M2
P1 3.2 web.xml changes Trey M2
P1 3.2.1 No longer generate web.xml FINISHED
P1 3.2.2 wizard to create web.xml FINISHED Plain XML editing only.
P1 3.2.3 Add a new event mechanism to replace web.xml
P1 3.3 Support for changes in web.xml schema Trey M2 ADDED New Model This may not be required since we are going to use the plain XML editor.
P3 3.4 Create a fragment web.xml wizard
P3 3.5 Indicate errors in invalid fragment elements
P1 4.1 JSF 2.0 support - Project changes Po-Ting M2 Java EE 6
P1 4.2 JSF 2.0 support - Facelets Support Po-Ting M2,M3 Java EE 6
P2 4.2 JSF 2.0 support - Annotations Support Po-Ting M3 Java EE 6
P2 4.2 JSF templates Po-Ting M2, M3 Java EE 5 & 6
P2 4.3 Misc enhancements Po-Ting M2 Java EE 5 & 6
P3 4.4 Support for JSF 2.0 composite component Matt M3 ? under investigation
P3 5.1 JPQL Editor
P3 5.2 Show persistence.xml hierarchy in the Projects window
P2 5.3 Modify the persistence.xml to use the standardized JDBC property name in Java EE 6 projects Dongmei M2 No change in the persistence.xml schema. But JPA 2.0 has standardized some of the JDBC related property names. See section from public review version of jsr 317.
P3 5.4 Changes needed for generating JPA 2.0 entity classes Entity classes utilize the JPA 2.0 new features
6 JSF Crud Generator
P3 6.1 Generate hyperlinks instead of commandLinks
P3 6.2 Place beans in Request scope by default
P3 6.3 Migration to Facelets/JSF 2.0 Matt under investigation. Possible for 7.0
P3 6.4 Take advantage of Java EE 6 improvements
7 Glassfish Plugins
8 Deployment/Server Plugins
P2 8.1 JBoss plugin improvements Thuy M3
P2 8.2 Compile on Sav/Deploy on Save issues/improvements Thuy M2 Refer NetCat survey for details
P2 8.3 WebLogic 10.3 Support Issue 150315: Dropped for 7.0
9 Spring
P2 9.1 Editor hints Vadiraj M2
P2 9.2 Refactoring improvements Vadiraj M2 STARTED
P2 9.3 Bean Navigator Sujit M2 STARTED
10 Hibernate
P2 10.1 Reverse Engg. Wizard improvements Gowri M2 STARTED 80% DONE. Needs a right click menu option from reveng.xml file
P2 10.2 HQL editor improvements Vadiraj M2 STARTED
P3 10.3 Flag out-of-sync errors (hbm <-> POJO <-> cfg and database) Vadiraj M3
11 Struts
P2 11.1 Migration to Struts 1.3 Po-Ting M1 DONE
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