NetBeans 6.7


Please note, dates for Beta and later are working dates, there might be some adjustments if necessary

Date name Development starts Development ends Stabilization starts Stabilization ends Released Key features Note
M1 Started November 28 November 28 December 12 December 17 Parser API/New language infrastructure Development 4 weeks + 2 weeks stabilization
M2 December 15 February 2 February 2 February 13 February 18 Development 4 weeks + 2 weeks stabilization There will be re-evaluation of remaining features to happen into M3 making sure, we are able to achieve CF on time
Feature readiness check happens here
M3 February 16 March 9 March 9 March 20 April 1 C-Dev/Kenai integration preview Development 3 weeks + 2 weeks stabilization
Feature Freeze March 23
Beta April 20 NB67Beta
Code Freeze May 25
RC1 June 1 NB67GoNoGoRC1
RC2 June 5 NB67RC2GoNoGo
RC3 June 16 NB67RC3GoNoGo
FCS June 29 NB67GoNoGo, NetBeans67InstallerTesting


  • All P1 and P2 features should be reviewed and agreed by TC before integration
  • in M1 all deprecated API must be removed
  • in M1, bug evaluation must be done, key bugs grouped, assessed and reviewed by TC, the plan is updated accordingly
  • After M2 is finished, feature completion review is done. Features unlikely to be delivered in M3 will be dropped unless they are defining
  • Milestone HR process MilestoneHRProcess


Features input

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