Tentative release date: December 11 2008
Actual Release date: December 10 2008

Bugs planned to be fixed in the patch

The following is only the planned list of bugs to be fixed in the patch. Additional bugfixes may be included in the patch, and some of the bugfixes listed here may not be included in the final patch release. The Issuezilla entries for issues that are not included will be updated with the reasons for their exclusion.

When the patch is released, the final list of bugs fixed by the patch will be part of NetBeans 6.5 Patches Info

No Issue Summary
1 137533 Quick Search - first typed letter is selected
2 141921 [[[65cat | [65cat]] ClassFormatError while debugging a project (CoS)
3 145569 OK disabled forever
4 146321 Debugging view flickers on tooltip
5 147179 CC doesn't work in <?= ?>
6 148462 can't run current spec test
7 148682 [[[65cat | [65cat]] Adding multiple INDEX of same name
8 148763 c++ project toolchain
9 149631 Exception message appears by attempt to truncate PostgreSQL table
10 149824 Grant full access to user does not seem to work during db creation
11 149845 Ctrl+Arrow on selected qualifier throws NPE
12 149904 [[[65cat | [65cat]] Cannot remove database table column from action
13 149914 No "Test" option for EJB project
14 149958 AssertionError in RunAsValidator.validateUploadDirectory(
15 149967 Message suggests to connect when connection is established automatically
16 149989 I18N - some parts of mysql properties window not show completely
17 150034 Not in GZIP format
18 150192 JavaTypeProvider creates useless FileObjects
19 150198 IllegalArgumentException: "null" expected to be an integer
20 150216 Drop Down List with drivers lose focus after chossing some item
21 150235 Multiline alignment does not work
22 150252 Newly created JDA project doesn't have enabled feature CoS as default
23 150271 Connections with the same name are removed by removing by removing DB with this name
24 150282 NullPointerException arises by attempt to commit BIT data
25 150346 GF v3 Prelude should be default web container
26 150422 Sample DB can't be created without InnoDB
27 150542 Enter doesn't work for "Insert Record" dialog
28 150555 Complete hang when renaming web project using variables
29 150610 Plugin install is not able to resolve the module dependecy properly.
30 150663 [[[65cat | [65cat]] SQL History: vertical resize doesn't resize all components
31 150664 SQL History: only one item inserted into document
32 150693 Regression in inaccuracy tests from 17-10-2008
33 150747 Too many keys without nodes
34 150748 Inconsistent delegation of getNodes(true)
35 150831 Renaming class fails to rename its private constructor
36 150889 A11Y: No Accessible name in "Name the table" dialog
37 150913 [[[strikeiron | [strikeiron]] can't find any web services
38 150946 default compiler set is not honored if tool chain not saved from dialog
39 151036 I18N - js stub generator doesn't honor project wide encoding
40 151108 Cannot update Autoupdate Services in specific cases
41 151208 RTC does not work for experiment
42 151269 "OK" button in "New Connection" dialog becomes unabled during connection attempt
43 151316 no main classes found
44 151449 Build fails on 64bit machine if Sun Studio compiler is selected from /shared/dp/sstrunk/biweekly
45 151537 [[[65cat | [65cat]] Infinite Loop in exception reporter (was: When Compilation Fails)
46 151636 Update the bundled Dojo library
47 151648 Renaming a project using variable-based references gets red error marks
48 151761 gdb confused on line breakpoints for files with embedded spaces
49 151843 IllegalArgumentException: Error generated in parsing
50 152048 DatabaseNodeInfo.refreshChildren() can not be called on the event thread
51 152107 [[[65cat | [65cat]] Unable to create or delete tables in MySQL support with names that need quoting
52 152373 Persistence Provider by REST tooling is GlassFish version independent
53 152422 [[[saas | [saas]][[[googlemap | [googlemap]] cannot drop getGoogleMap into java
54 152486 [[[65cat | [65cat]] SQL History: if running NB in multiple locales the history file cannot be parsed
55 152668 Update the bundled prototype library
56 152669 Update the bundled YUI library
57 152775 Instant Renaming refactoring in C goes wrong
58 152891 The Step Into action doesn't work right after first debuger finishing
59 153160 SQL History: Dialog shouldn't be modal
60 153166 Dynamic/static library not loaded : image not found
61 153219 NullPointer in DataView with aggregate function in sql and with database Intersystems Caché
62 153451 Execution of a script doesn't allow to enter input.
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