Tentative release date: mid October 2008
Actual Release date: October 15 2008

Bugs planned to be fixed in the patch

The following is only the planned list of bugs to be fixed in the patch. Additional bugfixes may be included in the patch, and some of the bugfixes listed here may not be included in the final patch release. The Issuezilla entries for issues that are not included will be updated with the reasons for their exclusion.

When the patch is released, the final list of bugs fixed by the patch will be part of NetBeans 6.1 Patches Info

Issue Summary
136699 functional regression: no more Fortran autoindenting
145491 Missing iep.samples in friend module list
145858 no formatting for fortran
146557 Sunstudio 12 netbeans IDE unable to handle files over 1Mb
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