Tentative release date: September 4 2008
Actual Release date: September 4 2008

Bugs planned to be fixed in the patch

The following is only the planned list of bugs to be fixed in the patch. Additional bugfixes may be included in the patch, and some of the bugfixes listed here may not be included in the final patch release. The Issuezilla entries for issues that are not included will be updated with the reasons for their exclusion.

When the patch is released, the final list of bugs fixed by the patch will be part of NetBeans 6.1 Patches Info

Issue Summary
103644 IAE: "Project ... is not open and cannot be set as main" during SetMainProject
125531 Better handling of InsufficientMemoryException
126560 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: node has no children
128705 IllegalArgumentException: Sections overlap
133402 Saving CSS file breaks colour coding
134221 IllegalStateException at org.netbeans.modules.beans.beaninfo.GenerateBeanInfoAction$BeanInfoWorker.checkState
134280 NullPointerException at<init>
134635 NB6.1: Problem deploying EAR with a "packaged archive" module (RAR)
134910 The return of "Aggressive focus grabbing by the editor"
135468 Java code template can not be used within "string literal"
135671 GTK LaF not used by default on OpenJDK 6
135725 Incorrect scrolling of long copyright notice in about box
135732 Shortcut Ctrl-U,U does not work properly
135736 IDE Hangs in trivial operations
135807 Netbeans 6.1 hangs during code navigation
135838 I can make refresh JAX-RPC web service client fail with HTTP BASIC Authentication
136812 NullPointerException at java.util.StringTokenizer.<init>
137071 User library definitions are removed from nbproject/private/ on startup
137139 Generating constructor removes inner class
137640 External SU disappears after setting/changing compapp project's server target
138191 Last releases do not work with most recent trunk sources
129396 Tooltip is misplaced for several nodes of the same type
137591 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: (endOffset=3249 - startOffset=3255) < (startGuardedLength=73 + endGuardedLength=50
138844 Enormous messages.log and uigestures files due to ClassCastE
139350 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 8
130877 Duplicated connection nodes
137811 IllegalStateException: Error in org.openide.nodes.EntrySupport
138667 Upgrade to Jersey 0.8 release
139697 code generation error
108086 filter out sunpro-specific make output
134190 project properties modification does not propagate to current debug session
133618 Some keybindings lost when duplicating keymap profile
142528 Add new friends to the xml modules
142771 Property Editor should not allow to delete existing variable
138988 External SU DnD onto CASA does not create an EP with right information
140537 cannot remove keyboard shortcut on ant targets.
142462 Operation node for Web services references for non HTTP SOAP
131710 The Undo and Redo actions missing in the keymap customizer
130144 IllegalArgumentException: Invalid field
144788 Adding to Friends list of XML and XAM modules
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