Tentative release date: July 2 2008
Actual Release date: July 7 2008

Bugs planned to be fixed in the patch

The following is only the planned list of bugs to be fixed in the patch. Additional bugs may be included in the patch, and some of the bugs listed here may not be included in the final patch release. The Issuezilla entries for issues that are not included will be updated with the reasons for their exclusion.

When the patch is released, the final list of bugs fixed by the patch will be part of NetBeans 6.1 Patches Info

Issue Summary
135316 IDE hangs on library removal
136679 Modules using /2 project.xml schema not found in NetBeans pl
135215 IDE tries to install the same updates for twice
135949 post-install: incorrect IDE_USER
133931 New BeanInfo support broke IDE features like Select in Proje
133606 Makefiles regeneration
134192 Changes in list of C/C++ filename extensions disappear after
134637 add dbxtool as friend of CND
134766 Tabs, spaces and makefiles
135015 NPE on formatting unbalanced braces
135155 NetBeans forget C/C++ extensions which user adds via 'New Fi
135380 performance problem in output window due to unneeded flush
136116 should not look in /usr/ucb for compilers on Solaris
129743 Table with properties in 'Formatting Style' tab is empty
131449 MySQL admin password needs to be scrambled
133184 Stored procedure can't be removed
133814 Query cannot be stopped on large tables
119879 Breakpoints are not always shown at the left side-bar while
132160 ClassCastException on root node inside Evaluate Expression R
133189 Breakpoints not working with J2EE Enterprise application wit
132534 Pressing tab doesn't switch between arguments of a live temp
133428 Highlight layer doesn't updated
133942 Incorrect loaded settings due to MIME detection bug
123704 Reviewing an assign that you created in the past
129414 I18N - WSDL from database wizard has resize issue
130281 Better support of XSD types extension/restriction
132054 connection between partner link and activities have abruptio
132274 I18N - wsdl from database, exception and incorrect wsdl file
133733 CallbackHandler deleted from Service Assembly when deploying
133831 Envelope icon disappeared after dragging it
133862 I18N - wsdl from db wizard: Columns dlg has resize issue
133874 I18N - wsdl from db wizard has a msg box with text not from
134020 Service Engine Service Unit from JBI Manager is not DnD-able
134484 TypeCast does not work for entities other then Copy (If, Whi
135079 Two issues with Validation - It fails to catch incorrect ass
135148 Make error/warning messages more human readable
135489 Validation reports warnings on valid and completely invalid
135586 Regression: Re-enable Populate Catalog and make sure the bui
135704 AssertionError on using casts in Logging
136190 File locking exception when trying to build comp app
136868 disableInBC doesn't disable the endpoint
132121 Detect EclipseLink when default provider in GF V3
136307 initial deploy of Ent App too slow.
128326 classpath/sourcepath doesn't update after reload
133639 Deadlock after modifying properties of a module project
134570 libary path best be relative instead of absolute
131826 IllegalStateException: ' @author felenda Long Comment Lo
136547 Single file profiling not supported in JavaFX projects
132258 File added shown incorrectly in history
132743 Added and removed files are twice in show history
133203 Search History should list only related files.
134775 Automated Merge Diff not displaying correctly
134924 Determining command result is wrong
135311 Mercurial Username can't be modified.
136073 Search History on single file broken on Windows
136448 Refactoring doesn't work.
126560 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: node has no children
131128 java.util.prefs.BackingStoreException:
134243 Throwable: Can't unlock file Windows2Local/Modes/.nbattrs, i
136308 slow performance with output stream
131764 I18N - some words not from bundle on attach wizard panel
134263 Profiler does not work with 64bit JDK 6 on Mac OS X
134572 IllegalArgumentException: URI scheme is not "file"
135572 maven plugin doesn't open all project folders for the first
131619 AssertionError at
131928 [[[ChangeParameters | [Change Parameters]] Parameter is not removed from method cal
134329 Very slow response from the IDE when editing RHTML files
134788 org.openide.loaders.DataObjectNotFoundException: C:\Document
136865 web browser won't start automatically with Rails 2.1.0
136162 Rename variable broken inside 'if' conditional
136936 JavaScript refactoring bugs
136317 Add v3 javaee module to friends list for sunddapi module.
132857 Welcome screen painting very slow when running on remote com
134238 Sample databases not created.
132710 no need to bundle JSF lib for java ee 5...
133702 Editor ignores web.xml <include-prelude> tag
134942 I18N - page directive with pageEncoding attribute is needed
134352 Facebook and Flickr support generate incorrect signatures
134750 REST support get unintentionally turned on
135810 Client settings inconsistent
136554 Readme refers to 6.0 when generated by 6.1
132420 XML code-completion only works on first element
135827 Remove implementation dependency in
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