NetBeans 6.0 Plugin Portal Update Center Plan - Final

This document covers the changes to be completed for the Plugin Portal to meet the requirements for the Plugin Portal Update Center to be included in NetBeans 6.0.

The changes will be completed in two phases. The phases will pick up where the last phase of the Plugin Portal left off. Phase III will include the functionality to allow a plugin verification process for getting a plugin added to the NetBeans 6.0 Update Center. Phase IV will include plugin versioning. Features from the old Phase III functional specification will be added in Phase III and Phase IV based on time constraints.

Phase III

Projected Completion Date:

FCS date for NetBeans 6.0 (currently Dec 3, 2007)

Required Attributes

Make the following attributes required when the plugin owner is adding/changing a plugin.

  • License Text
  • Author
  • Description


  • The Plugin Portal will support the Plugin Verification Process explained below.

Verification Process

Only verified plugins will show up in the NetBeans 6 Plugin Portal Update Center(PPUC).


  1. The plugin owner or PP reviewer requests that a plugin gets verified by checking appropriate checkbox (for phase III this will be a button since versioning will not be implemented).
  2. 9 PP testers get notified via private mailing list to verify the plugin.
  3. They download the plugin from PP, verify it complies with PPUC Quality Criteria and discuss plugin quality.
  4. Each PP reviewer is expected to say either Go or NoGo when s/he is done with the review by checking appropriate checkbox.
  5. If 5 or more PP reviewers say Go, the plugin is approved to live PPUC right away.
  6. If 1 PP reviewer says NoGo, consensus must be reached i.e. either the complainer says Go too or the plugin must be fixed.
  7. The plugin gets automatically published on the appropriate PPUC when 5 PP reviewers say Go and nobody says NoGo.
  8. If NoGo shows up later for already published plugin, it is immediately withdrawn from the PPUC.

Plugin Portal is expected to provide necessary web based voting interface for PP reviewers. It could be something like this:

Community Involvement

  • A team of community volunteers will be chosen to verify plugins: PP reviewers
  • If a PP reviewer becomes inactive in verifying plugins, the PP reviewer will be replaced.
  • The verification process and the team of PP reviewers will be owned and led by the technical community manager (Jirka).

Update Center in NetBeans 6.0 Beta 2

The Plugin Portal Update Center will be included in NetBeans 6.0 Beta 2. The actual update center will be either be "empty" or include a couple of plugins manually entered.

Phase IV

Projected Completion Date:

4 weeks for development and 1 week for testing is the current estimate for implementing the versioning


  • The Plugin Portal will maintain multiple versions of a plugin.
  • Each plugin version will share the same meta-data.
  • The meta-data for the plugin will reflect the latest plugin version.
  • Each version of the plugin can be verified for one-to-many NetBeans versions.
  • The plugin owner will have the following management capabilities over each plugin version:
  • Delete the plugin version
  • Update the NBM file(s) associated with the plugin version
  • The latest changes will reflect the changes for the latest plugin version.

Mockup of how the versioning UI will look.

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