Task list for NetBeans 6.0 - Java EE area


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Additional potential tasks:

Pri Task Owner Status TM Note
P2 Integrate Error Handler with HTTP monitor
P2 Support drag and drop of EJBs (for Visual Web)
P2 JSP parser update
P2 Make Facelets work with 6.0 Petr
P3 More enhancement ideas in Marek's document Marek
P2 Use NbPreferences, get rid of the old Options module
P3 Use new common UI for setting proxy in all places

See also a prioritized list of activities during the NetBeans 6.0 development cycle.

UI Reviews

Issue Review Owner Status
93442 Improve the method customizer used for EJB 'Add xxx method' and WS 'Add operation' actions UI Review Martin Adamek planned
93804 Common CSS Editor UI Review Petr Pisl planned
93805 Data sources alignment of NB+VWP UI Review Libor Kotouc planned
93807 Deployment of Dtb Drivers UI Review Stepan Herold ready to be reviewed
93821 Common Web Project for NB and VWP UI Review Ondrej Langr / HIE planned
95996 Framework panel UI review Ondrej Langr / HIE done (#95996)
93825 More complete JEE freeform projects UI Review - not planned
93808 Import more JEE src structures UI Review Radko Najman planned
93826 Support for many additional web frameworks UI Review - not planned
93820 Provide support for additional servers UI Review - not planned
93810 Enhancements in JSP/HTML Editing UI Review Marek Fukala not planned
96143 Review UI related to the removal of the JSF 1.1 library Petr Pisl planned
96001 Review UI of the embedded HTTP server in Advanced Options Petr Jiricka planned
95074 Option settings UI review process - databases + derby - probably no time
96007 Review and reimplement UI for server plugins and Sun Appserver plugin - probably no time
90056 Deploy, Run, Debug actions should stop the debugging session - not planned
93819 The Entity Class wizards need to have options for configuring persistence providers UI Review Erno Mononen planned
95100 Option settings UI review process (web) - needs to be driven by editor (#95077)
95092 Option settings UI review process (html) - needs to be driven by editor (#95077)
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