Building NetBeans IDE source for Python Development

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Because some sections of this document were dated and no longer accurate, they have temporarily been commented out. A new revision should be available shortly.

In the meantime, please refer to the Generic guide to work with NetBeans sources.

See also the 'Debugging NetBeans with the NetBeans debugger' guide as a starting point for debugging the nbpython environment.

Working with Mercurial

Mercurial is the version manager used by Netbeans and the Python Netbeans module. To roughly summarize, Mercurial is a "better and richer CVS".

A starting point to for learning Mercurial can be found at Netbeans Mercurial How-to

When working daily (or nightly !) in the Netbeans python code you may be faced with urgent simple fixes (ready to commit) mixed with more complex changes that you want keep locally until they reach a stable state. Meanwhile another developer has pushed modifications ready to be merged. This tricky situation may happen often and you'll may find yourself scratching your head when you see the infamous :
% hg merge
abort: outstanding uncommitted changes

Tor Norbye provided some good Mercurial tips regarding this scenario on his blog.

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