Localization and TranslatedFiles Communications

This page is an out-of-date one, please see NB6L10nCommunication for the latest information.


There are various ways to communicate about the project with the team members.


  • The Sun localization team meets weekly by conference call. If you would like to join this call or would like to schedule calls to discuss localization or the community project, send a request to janicec@netbeans.org.

Mailing Lists


  • gtalk
  • NetBeans Collaboration Module (nbl10n conversation)

Conference Calls

  • Can be organized with toll free numbers
  • Skype?

Sun Localization Team

Technical lead name is in bold

Component Prague Beijing Tokyo
Locales pt_BR zh_CN ja
IDE, Profiler Magda Rebecca Masaki
Mobility Magda Ming Z Keiichi
Ruby Jeremie Rebecca Masaki
SOA/UML Jeremie Will Kasha
WebEE Jeremie Ming Z Keiichi
C/C++ Magda Will Keiichi
Translation Petra Petra Petra
Starter Kit Magda

Detail Assignment per Cluster

cluster is now the top directory of l10nkit and localized source structure.

6.x cluster pack ja zh_CN pt_BR
platform PLATFORM Masaki Rebecca Magda
nb BASE IDE Masaki Rebecca Magda
ide BASE IDE Masaki Rebecca Magda
gsf(new) BASE IDE Masaki Rebecca Magda
java JAVA SE Masaki Rebecca Magda
harness JAVA SE Masaki Rebecca Magda
apisupport JAVA SE Masaki Rebecca Magda
profiler JAVA SE Masaki Rebecca Magda
installer INSTALLER Masaki Rebecca Jeremie
nbi INSTALLER Masaki Rebecca Jeremie
enterprise WEB&JAVAEE Kenji Ming Jeremie
vw WEB&JAVAEE Kenji Ming Jeremie
xml SOA Kasha Will Jeremie
identity SOA Kasha Will Jeremie
soa SOA Kasha Will Jeremie
uml UML Kasha Will Jeremie
mobility MOBILITY Keiichi Ming Magda
cnd CND Keiichi Will Magda
ruby RUBY Masaki Rebecca Jeremie
extra UC Masaki Will Jeremie
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