• NB build link (internal)
  • JDK build link(b145) (internal)
  • Tested OSes : Ubuntu 10.10/11.04, Windows XP, Windows 7
  • what to test :
    • install all using installer
    • go through issues with keyword=JDK_1.7 and verify (mark VERIFIED) if it works with latest JDK build (means all issues: FIXED & WONTFIX & WORKSFORME !!!, so we will be sure JDK fixed issues we asked for and didn't introduce any regression)
    • when it's closed as JDK bug - check whether Status Whiteboard contains JDK bug number in a format jdk_bug_1234567, if not and it's mentioned in the comment fix SW by yourself, if JDK bug is not known : put mmirilovic on cc, ask developer for reporting against JDK and REOPEN !
    • run sanity test specification of your area
    • uninstall
  • Results from first round of NetCAT 701 (2011/6/2-7)
Responsible Area OS 'Done' - if you are done with testing
Tomas M. mvn, platform, db Ubuntu Done
Jirka P. java Windows 7 Done
Jirka S. j2ee Windows XP Done
Jirka K. debugger Ubuntu Done
Petr C. profiler Kubuntu Done
Tomas T. refactoring Ubuntu
Adam GUI builder Ubuntu Done
Vlada php Windows XP Done
Stepan svn Windows XP Done

Pending JDK7 (JDK6) issues

Priority BZ nb.org JDK bug (internal) JDK bug status
P2 Issue 196716 - IllegalStateException: zip file closed 7050028 P2 ... Cause Known (not fixed yet)
P3 Issue 197212 - JFileChooser.getSelectedFiles() does not work on JDK 7.0 with GTK l&f 6977587 P2 ... Fix in Progress (not fixed yet)
P2 Issue 196006 - NullPointerException at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTreeUI$Handler.isActualPath 6505523 P3 ... (not fixed yet) - (JDK 6 bug - 50 dups and still coming)
P2 Issue 188369 - NullPointerException at sun.awt.shell.Win32ShellFolder2$7.call 6973685 P3 ... (not fixed yet) - not JDK7 related but 34 dups on our side
P3 Issue 196273 - NullPointerException at com.sun.java.swing.plaf.windows.WindowsTreeUI.ensureRowsAreVisible 4909150 P4 ... (reopened by us - not JDK7 related but 11 dups on our side) -> raised to P3
P1 Issue 182481 - [Gtk] The menus have no borders 6925412 P4 ... (not fixed yet) ... needs to rise, this is default theme on Ubuntu -> raised to P3
P2 Issue 199340 - Editor is not fully focused (disappearing cursor) 7066513 (not fixed yet)
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