• JDK 1.7
  • JDK 1.6 - native implementation
  • Recursive listener as a fall back

Jesse's analysis - NativeFileNotifications

Performance criteria


  • Initial I/O time ~ project size < TBS
  • Constant I/O time for subsequent notifications < TBS
    • Heavy external operations - for instance version control update, copy of the source tree, etc.
  • Supported project size

Assumptions - TBD


Milestone 2

  • Aug/17: Working Linux port of FS notifications for JDK1.6
  • Aug/25: Working Windows port
  • Sep/9: Working Solaris port, stable interface (for MacOSX port)
  • Sep/14: Full NetBeans integration with JDK/OS based dispatcher
  • Sep/14 - Sep/21: buffer, work on MacOSX port
  • Sep/21 - Oct/3 Stabilization
  • Oct/4 - Release


  • Mismatch between proposed APIs and real OS interface
  • Possible problem mapping complex native structures to Java through JNA
  • Impact of wrapping JDK7 implementation behind portable API
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