CHANGE Feature API Review

Submitter: Kris.Richards@Sun.COM

Type: Fast Track

Short Description

Adding new createRectangularAnchor call to AnchorFactory.

Target Milestone

NetBeans 6.5


There are currently no dependencies on this addition. These new classes depend only on standard JDK classes.

Change in Current Architecture

There is currently a call,

AnchorFactory.createRectangularAnchor (Widget w, boolean includeBoundary)

A new call will be added with an additional parameter,

AnchorFactory.createRectangularAnchor (Widget w, boolean includeBoundary, boolean allowsArbitraryConnectionPlacement)

Use Cases

  • When using orthogonal routing, the user may wish to have more flexibility in the possible routes calculated for a connection. Adding a parameter for allowing arbitrary connection placement, the router will be setup to check every side of the anchor for possible routes instead of just the side facing its target (or source).

Summary of Changes



Impacted Interfaces

Change Sets

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