NetBeans support for Windows 8

NetBeans 7.2

Known to install and start on Windows 8.

The look and feel used will be our Vista/Win7 laf.
(Fixed in 7.2 to not start with the WinXP laf fallback - #0bf7934ffa77).

After NetBeans 7.2

Customized look and feel respecting the Win8 specifics will be implemented.

Evaluation of known Windows 8 issues


The first of new things is SmartScreen the dangerous software protection application (also phishing protection etc. but for us not so important). Simply we can say if launching application isn't signed then the warning appears before application is allowed to start.

How the warning looks like you can see on screenshots below.

Note! Applications are checked by SmartScreen only when admin rights are required. It's important only for installer, because only the installer is starting with admin rights. Therefore installer file needs to be signed. Also the uninstaler exe file needs to be signed (it always is).

Metro environment

There are two options how apps on Win8 can run.

  • Standard mode
  • Metro style mode

Only applications written for Metro can run in Metro style mode. NetBeans are running in standard mode.

Metro impact on Netbeans

Instead of NB are running in standard mode, the Metro environment brings new Look & Feel into Windows 8.

We have to focus on:

  • Windows 8 proper detection and L&F setup
  • NetBeans componets should look like Win8 native.

Especialy tabs need to redesign. Here you can find some example screenshots from Windows 8 Release Preview. On the last screen you can see new Visual Studio 2012 for Windows 8 preview. You can notice, it changed a lot from last version and it's turning into Metro style (but still running in standard mode).

There's a fix in trunk repository to use Windows Vista look and feel when running on Windows 8, see the screen shot below.


The tile is available only for metro application. Software running in standard desktop mode has simple tile with icon and name only.

Article about metro tiles: [1]

There probably exists the way how to have own live tile for NetBeans - New 32 and 64 bit metro style launchers. But is it kosher?

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