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Feature approach

1. Entities-db visual designer and viewer, it's both persistence and db task, it's quite big and challenging task and may require extra resources.

  • represent existing entities on a diagram
  • create relationship diagram
  • generate entities from rel diagram, with smart merge for existing entities.
  • generate sql script and or db tables from rel. diagram (next step)
  • more?
  • it may be easier to have only designer at first release with the feature (i.e. design and allow entities generation and nothing else)

2. Smart update

  • support more types of entities update
  • support some kind of dialog to handle cases like "removed" columns, suppose renamed columns, suppose match for columns with changed type

3. Work with jpa providers

  • better libraries support, may be multiple libraries for single provider, allow to choose which one to add with ui or switch from provider-oriented behavior to library oriented?
  • better jpa versioning, most providers should allow version selection and just do not add library if there is no one available for selected version(should handle server dependent issues)
  •  ?may plugins and projects use PersistenceProviderResolver to detect providers present in environment?

4. ?closer integration with eclipselink(or toplink jpa2.0)? - investigate if it's possible to use for entities model creation, entities verification etc for internal nb usage.

5. Better end user experience

  • like out of the box jdbc driver addition
  • support persistence unit from archives (jars, wars, ears etc)
  • mark entities and entities relations/columns in project tree with own icon (add relationships as separate group?)
  • refactoring (extract embedded id, more?)

6, jsf from entities (may be jsf area task)

  • jsf from entities - support navigation by fk if several pages are generated
  • support in place edition for values (instead of Edit page), in place addition etc
  • add jsf from db wizard?

7. Entities:

  • support entities callback/listeners. may be add some validation in callback, may be allow to generate stub so user will be able to add verification or any code himself. It may one of "insert code" items.
  • support generation of MappedSuperCLass instead of entities
  • either online(with hint) or by action(as online may be slow) scan for entities which may extend each other or mapped superclasses and suggest actions
  • any need in separate JPA Structure/JPA view as in Dali/Eclipse?
  • support entities from db generation with derived ids when appropriate
  • support entities customization during creation (fields, orm.xml vs annotations, access type etc)
  • support case sensitive database

8. persistence.xml

  •  ?add jars list as it is for classes list?
  • Show persistence.xml hierarchy in the Projects window (The hierarchy should be persistence.xml -> PUs -> entity classes. The Run JPQL Query can be launched from the PU nodes and entity class nodes. The entity class node context menu can list some predefined JPQL queries, such as, the NamedQueries.)
  • support hints(validation) in xml view, like existence of table, obsolete properties etc.

9. orm.xml

  • hints for entities defined in orm.xml (like missed primary key etc. as it's done in entities annotated with annotations)

10. JPQL editor (can eclipselink be used? like hibernate for hql queries), see HQL Editor implementation for hibernate, jpql should be almost the same

  • Syntax coloring
  • Support ui to replace parameters with values
  • Support query in native sql
  • Evaluate possibility to use compile&save results and do not require project building then
  • Switch to use more standard editor (see SQL editor, i.e. toolbar, line numbers, find-replace may be more actions useful for 'big' queries),?? priority?? as should we may support only 1 command in the editor.

11. NOSQL support based on eclipselink (may be more providers later), see http://wiki.eclipse.org/EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced_JPA_Development/NoSQL.

  • basic support to add properties with values to persistence.xml editor/completion
  • wizards, more?
  • entities from nosql datasource
  •  ?entities from db source with nosql target? (@Column->@Field, @Table->dataType etc.)

Other side approach

1. Functionality extending - include new features for existent technology and extending different technologies support, like jpa versions, jpa parts (call back listeners from above etc)

2. Usability improvement - do the same easier, do more with the same efforts

Features [pre]selected for Next


see JavaEEPlanningAug2013#Persistence

1. Usability features, finally need to switch to new hints API

2. Any way to have (good) cc in spitted jpql literals??

3. jpa refactoring (extract mapped superclass, others)

4. NOSQL resources support (eclipsleinkk specific?)

5. Derived ids support (in general we have number of issues with jsf from entities, validation etc).

6. hibernate 4.x?

7. number of issues/enhancements risky to fix late (in bug fix phase) (case sensitive support etc)


1. out of the box jdbc driver addition (do not block awt and may be wizards also?), issue link.

2. refactoring (extract embedded id, extract mapped superclass etc?), issue link.

3. better libraries support, may be multiple libraries for single provider, allow to choose which one to add with ui or switch from provider-oriented behavior to library oriented?, issue link.

4. support generation of MappedSuperCLass instead of entities generation (from db, and 'new wizard')(should be easy, almost same as entities wizard), issue link.

Compare to Dali:

see Comparison(private internal link, to be migrated)

6. nice is some orm.xml support: add entity to orm/some validation (required time vs benefits, too much code relies on annotations and no other way to specify entities)

7. nice is more structured custom properties in persistence.xml editor (with more tabs/sections) - not a priority in my opinion

8. nice to have JPA Details and JPA Structure views (should last be added as view to navigator window?)

9. Check/implement more validation comparing to JPA/Errors/Warnings preferences from Dali


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