NBI Command-Line Options of the Native Launchers

NBI native launchers support the following command-line options:

Command-Line Option Argument Example Description Note
--javahome <path-to-java> --javahome "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_04" Use specific JDK/JRE to run installer bundle on
--extract [[[directory | [directory]] --extract ./tempdir Extract installation data that is store in the bundle to the specific directory if directory not specified then extract to the current directory
--tempdir <directory> --tempdir /tmp/somedir Use specific directory for extraction installation data and use it as java.io.tmpdir java system proeprty
--help --help Show help and exit
<appcp> --classpath-append ~/somedir/some.jar
--classpath-prepend ~/somedir/other.jar
Append/prepend classpath with list of jar/zip files or directories separated by colon on Unix and semicolon on Windows Several special locations are supported:
* $P{some.property} - some.property from the launcher i18n properties
* $L{nbi.launcher.tmp.dir} - launcher extraction directory alias
* $L{nbi.launcher.java.home} - alias for java home that launcher is running on
* $L{nbi.launcher.user.home} - $HOME on Unix, %USERPROFILE% on windows
* $L{nbi.launcher.parent.dir} - directory where bundle executable is located at
--verbose --verbose Verbose(debug) output mode for the launcher messages
--output <output-file> --output /tmp/out.txt Redirect stdout/stderr to sepcific file
--nospacecheck --nospacecheck Disable disk space check for extracting launcher data this option is passed to the underlying java process
--locale <locale_name> --locale ru_RU Show launcher messages in specific locale (if available) this option is passed to the underlying java process
--silent --silent Run launcher in silent mode (not output, no gui) this option is passed to the underlying java process
-J(prefix) <arg> -J-Dsome.property=some.value
Add <arg> to the list of java options
all the rest <arg> All the rest options are passed directly to java process as arguments Special resolving is supported, see --classpath-append notes
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