String Resolvers in NBI engine

There is a number of various string resolvers used in NBI engine by SystemUtils.resolveString().
All resolvers are implemented as separate classes and stored in {org.netbeans.installer.utils.system.resolver}.

Declaration Example Notes
$N{install} ${install}/NetBeans {install} stands for default installation location used on this platform:
- windows : %ProgramFiles%
- linux : /usr/local (root), $HOME (non-root)
- solaris : /opt (root), $HOME (non-root)
- Mac OS X : /Applications (root), $HOME (non-root)
$N{home} $N{home}/.nbi User home directory
$N{temp} $N{temp} Temporary directory
$N{current} $N{current}/.. Current Directory
$P{basename, property, args} $P{org.netbeans.installer.utils.Bundle, FU.message.delete.file, /} (Bundle) property, args are separated by ", ?"
$F{classname, fieldname} $F{org.netbeans.installer.Installer, LOCAL_DIRECTORY_PATH_PROPERTY} field value (converted toString())
$M{classname.method()} $M{org.netbeans.installer.utils.SystemUtils.isCurrentUserAdmin()} Result of (static) method execution, no arguments expected)
$R{resource} $R{data/engine.list} resource as a string (default encoding)
$R{resource;encoding} $R{data/engine.list;utf-8} resource as a string (specific encoding)
$S{propertyName} $S{user.home} system property
$E{propertyName} $E{tmp} environment property
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