Visual Designer in Mobility Pack (5 Minutes)


This demo introduces visual designer from Mobility Pack. It is a very brief introduction and serves as preparation of the audience for further mobility demos.

Product Versions Supported

6.0 Beta1+

Points to Hit

The visual designer is easy to use yet powerfull.

Demo Prep


We're at Beta, anything can go wrong.


  1. Create a New Project | Mobility | Midp application. Call it VisualDesignerDemo.
  2. Finish the wizard with default settings.
  3. Explain the visual designer and palette.
  4. Drag & drop a splashscreen from the palette.
  5. Change the flow to open the splashscreen after application start.
  6. Wire splash screen with the main form.
  7. Doubleclick on the splashcreen to display it's contents.
  8. Go to favorites and copy the image of Duke to your project (see demo prep steps).
  9. Drag & drop the image to the splashscreen.
  10. Go back to the flow design.
  11. Add a Help command to the main form (drag & drop the command from the palette).
  12. Add an OK command to the main form (drag & drop the command from the palette).
  13. Change the name of the OkCommand to LoginCommand.
  14. In properties of the LoginCommand change it's label to "Login".
  15. Drag & drop an Alert screen.
  16. Wire the Help command with the Alert screen.
  17. Double click on the Alert screen to edit it. Change text to "This is help".
  18. Go back to the flow design.
  19. Doubleclick on the main form.
  20. Add following components: Choice Group with 2 choices, Gauge, Text Field. Mention you do that to show some of the components.
  21. You should have now following flow design.
  22. Switch to code and explain generated code. Emphasize the advantages of visual designers in Mobility and discuss where users can add their own code.
  23. Run the application and explain individual screens.
  24. Show the main screen and help. Explain handling of commands.
  25. Say that we are going to finish the application in the next demo (end-to-end scenario with login screen).
  26. If you don't want to continue with slides you can go directly to the end-to-end demo which extends this application.

Demo Cleanup

Keep the project for follow-up demos. Delete the project after presentation.

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