Game Builder in Mobility Pack (3 Minutes)


This demo shows how to start building mobile games with NetBeans Mobility Pack. The demo is a very brief introduction, if you have more time use the Game Builder tutorial.

Product Versions Supported

6.0 Beta1+

Points to Hit

  • Creating mobile games got much easier thanks to the new Game Builder.

Demo Prep


We're at Beta, anything can go wrong.


  • Create a New Project using Samples | Mobility | MIDP | Sample game created with Game Builder.
  • Use the defaults and finish the wizard.
  • Go to source packages and in default package open the topview_tiles.png image. Explain how this image gets created and how it is cut by mobility pack into pieces to assemble the graphics for the game.
  • Go to package demo and open GameDesign.java.
  • Browse the main scene and different layers and explain that the game is composed of different layers and you can design them.
  • Doubleclick on image of Karel (the animated person) and show that you can change animation speed and play the animation.
  • Show how to create a new scene, new layer and new sprite using icons in the upper right corner. Show that you can change the size of the cutted images using sliders on the right side and on the bottom of the picture - you can have different sizes of tiles.
  • Run the game and walk with Karel for a while.
  • Mention that we will try to build a bridge accross the lake.
  • Open the Water layer and build a bridge accross water.
  • Run the game again and show how it changed:


Demo Cleanup

Delete the demo project.

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