CDC Development with Mobility Pack (5 Minutes)


This demo showcases the CDC development with Matisse GUI builder and Mobility Pack.

Product Versions Supported

6.0 Beta1+

Points to Hit

  • New CDC devices are coming, they're more powerful and allow developers to use AWT or even Swing on mobile devices.
  • Thus mobile development is getting closer to Java SE development.

Demo Prep

  • Install NB 6.0 beta1 or higher with Mobility Pack.
  • Get Wireless toolkit for CDC from here and install it.
  • Set up Wireless toolkit for CDC in NetBeans using Tools | Java Platforms | Add platform | CDC | Find directory where you installed CDC WTK.


We're at Beta, anything can go wrong.


  • Create a new application using New Project | Mobility | CDC Application. GUI Builder is opened.
  • The goal is to create following application:


  • Resize the form to a rectangle with sizes as you can see on the screenshot above.
  • Drag & drop a tabbed pane.
  • Drop two tabs on the tabbed pane and change the tab names to Contact and Other.
  • Add a panel.
  • Change it's border to Titled border and change the name to Personal.
  • Create three labels and textfields for firstname, surname and nickname.
  • Add the second panel.
  • Change it's border to Titled border and change the name to Address.
  • Add a label for Address:
  • Add a textarea for address.
  • Change the number of colums to 15 so that the textarea doesn't have scrollbars in the design view.
  • Add OK and Cancel buttons.
  • Select both and use the same size functionality to adjust their sizes.
  • Run the application. You should get following GUI:


  • Change the device to Sun VGA using project properties | Platform | Device.
  • Run the application again. Components shouldn't resize properly.
  • Go back to design mode and modify all necessary components to resize.
  • Run the application again. Components should resize properly now:


  • Choose the OK button and add an event using right click | Events | Action | ActionPerformed.
  • Use System.exit(0); as the code for this action.
  • Run the application again. Show that once you click on OK the emulator gets closed.

Demo Cleanup

Delete the demo project.

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